19 October 2010

And so it begins...

Hi, everyone.

I know, I know. I've been off again for a while. And by a while I mean something like 6 weeks. So, who knows who will actually read this. But, anyways, here it is.

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel the pressure of the holiday season roll around and land with a big thud on my doorstep. For those of you who don't know or don't have in-laws, it is really hard to orchestrate 3 family gatherings and get everyone together and please everyone and not have a mild stroke in the process. Josh and I are already discussing Thanksgiving plans. I mean, really. Thanksgiving already? When did the summer end? I don't seem to remember giving permission to the 80 degree days and humidity to vacate the premises. Nobody listens to me. It's just not right. I'm kinda funny sometimes. The world should really sit up and pay attention. Summer should have stuck around for another month or two at the minimum.

Now. As for the fact that Halloween is a few weeks away, we had a bit of costume drama in our household. You have to understand that I don't typically order things from catalogs or over the Internet, but we still get all those catalogs in the mail. Who doesn't, right? And Lexy loves to help me get the mail and to put things in the recycling bin (after all, Elmo recycles so it must be cool, right?), so when we get the mail together she gets to take all the junk mail and catalogs to look at and dispose of properly.

Number One Mistake. Letting Lexy have the Pottery Barn Kids catalog with the Halloween costumes in it. All I heard from the middle of August for 2 weeks was "I want to be the owl. I love the owl. The owl is my favorite." Seriously, what 2 year old remembers that they want to be an owl for Halloween 3 weeks later? She should have moved on the Fancy Nancy or Angelina Ballerina seeing as those are huge in my house right now. But, no. "I love the owl. Mommy get me the owl". Pitiful. So, I gave in and called to order the owl costume. Mommy of the year award goes to me. Number Two Mistake. I waited a few weeks too long. I should have started planning Halloween in January when all the really excellent moms do their shopping and know exactly what their kids are going to like and want. I'm not sure what I was thinking. They are all sold out. Everywhere. Even in Canada. They don't even have the next size up. Not in the stores, warehouses, outlets. NO WHERE. But, "Mommy, I want the owl. I love the owl. The owl is my favorite."

Again, Mommy of the year. I decide, ebay. Someone must have ordered this for their child and had the "I don't want to be a stupid owl" reaction from their precious and adoring child.

They are selling on Ebay for over $100.00. For a Halloween costume for a 2 year old. They will wear it for an hour max. Will they play with it later? Not so much. It's not going to become their favorite toy that they sleep with every night. It's just not going to happen.

Lexy is going to be a bee.

Love to you all,


p.s. Thank you for your patience with me. Check back here and there and there will be posts. I promise.

And if you're wondering about the Finn-dog. He does have cancer. A stromal sarcoma. Bad news. Good news: He is expected to have ZERO recurrence. The oncologist thinks he'll be fine. We just get to spend a fortune on ultrasounds, x-rays and follow up exams for a year until we hear we're totally out of the woods. Meanwhile, he's back to his happy-go-lucky self. Annoying the heck out of me by sitting on the back of my good formal sofa. Brat.


  1. Rats. I was hoping you would find a way to get that costume. But I guess it is not to bee. (Pun intended.)

  2. Hey! Bees are the best! Tell Lexy that the world cannot live without her and the Bees and their pollinating!

  3. Count yourself lucky you only have 1 baby Daddy. Man that sounds so white trash doesn't it? I have to figure out holidays with way too many people and to be honest, I'm so OVER it. I don't care if I sit at home with a TV dinner sitting in front of the TV watching old episodes of Leave it to Beaver.

    Glad you're back. I've missed you.

    Jennifer M.

  4. You know what's funny? My security code word to post my comment was trath, not trash but close enough. Hmmmm

  5. That Damn PB catalog. A few years ago my children wanted to be the butterfly and ladybug, they didn't get to be them that year. But, the following year I got them on ebay in June when they were cheaper.....and I still have them.

    Ahhh...the holidays! Planning is the worst!

    Welcome back.