21 October 2010

While I Wait...

Hello Loved Ones.

Right now I have laundry in the dryer, brownies in the oven, Lexy is napping, Glee is on the TV (love my DVD gift set Josh got me for my birthday), and I have a few things to finish before my parents come over for dinner. So, while I wait for the dryer to buzz and the timer to go off on the oven, what am I doing? Getting a much needed nap? Picking up and organizing toys? No. I am writing to you because I promised myself I was going to get back into the swing of things now that summer has passed.

Summer has passed. Today I bought two pumpkins for carving. And by carving I mean scraping out the insides to make delicious pumpkin seeds. That is my plan for post Lexy bedtime this evening. We'll see if it happens, but I love pumpkin seeds heavily salted, so there's a very good chance... But, back to the summer having passed. I realize that I was very negligent to my blog over the summer months. I didn't even write while I was on vacation in Rodanthe, NC. A whole glorious week of Josh, Lexy, beach, sand, sun, beach pizza, seashells, wind, surfers, and more family.

So, to make up for it I want to show you the beauty of September in the Outer Banks.

I wish I was still there. Although, my house is just starting to smell like melted chocolate and there are pumpkin seeds waiting to be harvested. Those are good things, too.

Talk to you all soon.


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  1. Carin! I made pumpkin seeds with salt and vineagar...amazing! you would appreciate!