06 December 2010

Potty Talk

Hey, Peeps.

Oh my gosh. I have something to share that I'm sure will just bowl you over. A confession. It will shock you. I hate the word Potty. I find it dirty, stupid, childish, I could hop over to the online thesaurus and come up with a few more terms but I think you get the general idea. And I use it about 75 times a day. My life is revolving around Potty Talk. No, not the kind that requires washing my daughters mouth out with soap, but the kind that brings to mind diapers, wipes, potty rings, small people potties, big people potties, zero privacy in the bathroom, videos, books, rewards, discussions, need I go on?

Before Lexy was born I remember a conversation with one of my girlfriends where I told her that I was going to teach my children the phrase "Mommy, I need to use the facilities". Okay, so I was semi-kidding, but in my head the house was clean, the children were sitting on the sofas in white clothing, there were no toys on the floor, the kitchen was spotless... I was having a pre-mommy insane moment. I think I had a lot of those.

Lexy will be 3 years old in a matter of weeks. She is no where near potty trained. I have to tell you, I'm starting to take it personally. I mean, really, there is no interest what-so-ever. I ask, she says no. And I'm sure that that last statement is going to be my life's refrain for the next 20 years or so, but that's beside the point.

We own the potty ring (you know, that thing that goes on the toilet so little people don't slip through and land in the water)? We have the little person sized potty. In the same bathroom. Every morning I ask "Do you need to use the potty". One of my first statements everyday begins with the dreaded word. I've tried stickers. I've tried toys. I've tried candy. Now, that was a big one because she doesn't get candy with the exception of one piece after dinner for dessert. Nothing brings about any interest in the actual learning or training. Realistically I know that there aren't many adults in Pampers, so I should be good in a while. But it would be so nice to move beyond this phase and get rid of the changing table.

So. Here I am asking you. Begging really. Please please please. How did you train your kids to use the bathroom? How did you get them interested in learning? And, most importantly, did you have a better term than POTTY???? Ask your parents friends to read this post. Share it and ask them for me "how the heck did you potty-train your uninterested, doesn't want to bother stopping what she's doing, too bored to sit on the toilet child???".

Please. Help Me.


  1. Oooh. Glad you posted this and glad I read it! I might actually be useful for something today! I have successfully trained 3 children using the book "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day". And I say successfully because they are now almost 13, almost 10, and 5 1/2 and STILL using the toilet by themselves! And believe me when I say I am NOT an expert in child rearing. I just feel like this was the one thing I really did right. Mainly because my 3 have very different personalities and I was able to train them all the same way. Let me also note that they were not all trained in less than a day. The book was a great guideline as far as the actual technique is concerned. I did not stress about them actually learning it all in one day. But I will say a few days later we really had it down pat, with no regression. Anyway, take it or leave it, just felt like I needed to share it! By the way, I also hate the word potty!

  2. Jennifer - First, I have to say: you are far too young and beautiful to have a 12 year old, or for that matter, a 9 year old. Second, THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am already heading over to amazon to order the book. I need professional guidance on this one and you have just supplied it. I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. You aren't kidding Carin. She totally doesn't look like a Mom either, but that could be because she's so small and cute :-)

    "I know that there aren't many adults in Pampers", sometimes I walk by the depends in Safeway and secretly wish I was wearing them. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. I know I will one day but seriously, right now I could really use a good diaper.

  4. Good luck! It does not look easy... who can argue with the kids for wanting to stretch the luxury of personal potty handlers as long as they can???

    Go you Jennifer! Three beautiful and still potty trained kids!

  5. I think the only thing I can say is that they are ready when they are ready. I've known a few moms with very stubborn children who REFUSED to potty train. Then out of nowhere they suddenly felt ready to try. She may be ready just shortly after she turns three. I like Jennifer's book idea, though. Perhaps a technique shift that the book offers will be all it takes.

  6. The smarter they are, the harder it is. It is the only thing she has full control over. Mom