10 April 2011

And with much ado...

And. Without much screaming (more like lecturing or stern Mommy voice), very limited whining, very limited crying we have had successful use of the potty this morning. I give credit where credit is due. Thank you to God for answered prayers and a kid who will not have to go to the doctor for a little added help in that department.

Happy Sunday, Friends!


  1. And we have a huge lapse in judgment on my part thinking that a pull up and church nursery and potty training mix. Oh well. We had success and I will remember and celebrate that.

  2. Welcome back! The potty will come. I told myself with my 2nd....she will not be 15 and still in diapers...at some point she will figure it out. She did figure it out, it was just never with me. I told my sitter if she could potty train her, I would give her a bonus...and she had her trained with in a week! Best extra $60 I ever spent!!