14 June 2010

Birthday Calamaties

Hello, Dear-ios.

This weekend Lexy and I had the joy of attending one of her friends (and betrothed) Adam's 3rd birthday party. Now, the fact that time has somehow gone by so fast that this little bundle is now a full-blown rambunctious 3 year old boy with a baby brother is somehow lost on me. I don't know how it happened and I have chosen to not think about it too hard. I refuse to believe that I have aged 3 years and I refuse to admit that I'm old enough to have friends with 3 year old sons (although I have some friends my age with kids older than that, but for them. They were probably 15 when they got pregnant. That was just the kind of crowd I ran with).

As for Adam, trains and cake were the themes of the day. And I must say that Wegman's makes a killer Thomas the Train cake. Not too sugary, with just the right mix of chocolate thrown in with the vanilla. Super Yummy. Watching Lexy interact with all the other kids there (she was the only girl) was a riot. There was one point when I thought she was going to try and climb into Adam's lap. I mean, come on girl, play a little hard to get. Although, if the marriage is inevitable and arranged and all that, why should she? Right? But, I must say, her attempts to get George to come and sit with her and talk to her.... uh, oh, Adam. You may have some competition after all.

Lexy was the belle of the ball. Of course, when you're the only girl and you're dressed in a too cute for words yellow sundress that does tend to happen. She had a blast and it was great to have been included.

And then there was the pinata. Everyone loved the pinata. There was no bloodshed. No scrambling for candy and toys. There was no shoving or pushing for turns. Everyone stood nicely and pulled their strings. In rounds. It was amazing that 2 and 3 year olds would behave so well. I give all the credit to the amazing parenting going on in this group. Well done, Moms and Dads. We are awesome. And then. Then there was the last pull on the adorable little Dalmatian fire hat wearing pinata. And it opened. Everyone was thrilled. Candy and toys, right?

Everyone except Lexy. She had a mini-meltdown a la, "Adam broke the puppy" meltdown. See, if a toy breaks or a crayon snaps in half, or a page in a book rips it's all downhill from there. I had no thoughts that a pinata would be traumatic, but "Adam broke the puppy". Big tears. Lots of them. Bright red face. I had NO idea that she would react that way. I had the same thoughts as any other parent. Scrambles for candy would take precedent over even looking UP at the pinata. But, not my sensitive little Lexy. She cried each time I tried to take her back to gather some treats. Thanks to the other mom's that collected for Lexy as well as helping their own kids gather their goodies. She loves all the things that came home in her bags.

But, try as hard as I might to convince her that the pinata was supposed to open and all it did was OPEN I have heard nothing in the last two days other than "Adam broke the puppy".

Happy Monday, Dear-ios. See you on the flip-side.


  1. I was just telling someone the other day, who was talking about how he couldn't wait to have kids in the future, how once you have kids time seems to speed up. My oldest is now 6 and I seriously feel like she should only be 3! It's wierd because some days seem so long, but each year is passing even quicker. How is that possible?

    I hope your little girl recovers from the broken puppy and forgives her friend for breaking him, especially if they are to be married!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Ret row. I will tell Adam to buy her a puppy as a wedding present.

  3. Awww yeah.. Wow Adam is 3...how did that happen? Poor thing...

  4. I love that quote - "Adam broke the puppy." And - yes - they should wed...or go to prom together at least.