29 June 2010

You Know You're A Mom When...

Howdy, Y'all!

I haven't dropped in to say hello for a while, seeing as I've been in serious mourning since the USA lost to Ghana in the World Cup on Saturday. I'm talking serious mourning. Flag at half-mast, not eating for days, crying into my pillow at night, wearing black for days straight (okay, I do wear black a lot anyway) mourning. I shunned all media not wanting to be reminded of the terrible loss I was coping with. Okay, that last part isn't true. I completely had the t.v. on and did find a cute and cheesy made for t.v. movie on the Hallmark channel Sunday night.

So, that's my story. Where I've been hiding. Now, on to more important things. Like my birthday. You see, my birthday is in September and seeing as it's June and that means only 2 1/2 months until my birthday I need to be planning my lists and getting all applicable parties involved in shopping now. Just kidding. I'm not that crazy about my birthday. My parents just like to be ahead of the game. They're the type that have Christmas presents purchased over 6 months ahead of time as well. So, they've been asking what I want for my birthday.

Originally they had talked about a Vera Bradley handbag. Usually Vera Bradley bags are WAY crazy for me. Too bold, too bright and I just don't dig most of the designs. I do have one wallet and the lunch bag in a more sedate pattern, but I really kinda dig this new one:
However, as cute as this design is I couldn't find a bag that I like enough. I guess I'm just a Coach girl at heart and can't stray from my line.

So I've been thinking about what to ask my parent's for for my 21st birthday. Yes, I'm only going to be 21. Again. For the 13th time. And then, on my last trip to the mall to celebrate my mother's birthday with a fattening and sinful lunch at the Cheesecake Factory I saw the sheet set and quilt that I want for Lexy's room at Pottery Barn Kids. I know. Champagne taste on a beer budget. But, it's beach theme girl stuff. And I haven't found very much of that since I had the brilliant decorating idea 2 1/2 years ago. And everything was ON SALE. Now, as you probably now, ON SALE at Pottery Barn Kids means selling one kidney instead of two. So, instead of buying everything that wanted while I was there and it was there, I thought I'd be responsible and talk to Josh about it first and look at the budget seeing as how we have big expenses in the next few months.

And then it hit. While checking out everything on line for prices. It was SOLD OUT. Of course. Just my luck. What did I do you may ask. I begged my mother for it for my birthday. Because she might have to make a trip back to the mall and I didn't think, even if I could work out my budget, that I would be able to actually get back to the mall to buy said items. And you know what she did... bought it. From the stores after calling the online catalog number. For my birthday. The cutest sheets and quilt in the world.

The real kicker in this situation? I asked for everything in Twin size. Lexy is still in a crib, soon to be switched to a toddler bed. She won't be in a twin for I don't know how long. I won't even be able to get the joy out of seeing these in her room for probably a year if not more.

Yes. You are a mother when... you ask for things for your children for YOUR birthday just so they can have what you dream of as perfection. I can't wait for her to be a little older and tell me that she hates it. Or that she wants to redecorate in ballerinas or skateboards or horses.


  1. Hehe, I'm allergic to Vera Bradley stuff. When it first became popular, my aunt kept threatening to buy me something from it for my birthday or Christmas, and I told her I'd disown her if she did. What a nice niece I am. Coach all the way!

    Very cute sheets, indeed. I'm sure Lexy will love them, or that you'll at least get a good year's wear out of them before she decides she'd like Battlestar Galactica sheets. :) (My older brother really had those when we were growing up.)

    Also, should I start thinking about what to get you for your birthday now? Maybe I should order you a kilt. Why don't you take a look at tartans online and see if anything jumps out at you. :)

  2. You and I are so much alike. I to ask for things I want for children on my Birthday and if I am given money I am more than likely going to spend it on the boys.

    My wonderful Mother-N-Law gave me money after Capers was born to buy myself some new clothes, as my best friend was in town and helps me in that department because I hate, hate shopping. The only catch to the money, I was not allowed to spend any of it on the boys and Renee saw to it that I didn't. I still felt guilty about not getting them anything.

    I love Pottery Barn Kids as well, and the adult Pottery Barn stuff as well. I wanted my desk from there for years and my hubby (before we had kids) got it for me one year for Christmas. I was so shocked and happy at the same time. I love my desk.

    For my boys, my cousin is making them John Deere Quilts (full size) so they will last as they get older and both of them will not be in a bed anytime soon. They are going to share a room, so the beds and all that jazz are going to match.

    As for Jacob - we are skipping the toddler bed and going straight to a twin. because they do have the safety railing you can get and I can't see buying a toddler bed, just to have to buy a twin a few months down the road.

    Hugs to you.

  3. Keep her in a crib FOREVER. Mason was 14 months when I put him in a bed and as you know, he has slept in his OWN bed a handful of times, otherwise he's right next to me, up my butt while I'm sleeping.

    At daycare he sleeps in a crib. I have been tempted to get a crib, oh yes, he's 3 years old and I want him back in a crib.

    Oh and cute sheets and you are not as crazy as you may think. I have a $75 gift cert for amazon for my birthdy ($25 of it is for Mason) that my Aunt sent and I may or may not use it for me, I haven't decided yet., lol

  4. The crib that we bought for Lexy is convertible. From crib to toddler bed with high high rails and then to twin. She's still in sleep sacks to keep her from trying to climb out, too. I think my pediatrician may have a coronary if he finds that one out. i am concerned about losing my shower time in the morning come switch to toddler bed. hhmmm.... I'm thinking post for tomorrow?

  5. Put a baby gate on her bedroom door - so she can get out of bed, but not out of the room. Have some toys in there that she can get to and play with.

  6. When I was redecorating my girls room I had everything picked out...pink and green with flowers and butterflies. Then my daughter (who was 4) found a Company Kids catalog and picked out what she wanted...it was floor to ceiling ZEBRA print! I almost died, my husband told her she could have it when she was 21 and not living in our house anymore and then told me to get rid to that catalog!

    As far as crib vs. bed goes...I personally did not have any trouble transitioning my girls into their beds. With each of them it happended right before they were 2 yrs. However, they do share a room so maybe that helped. Let's pray I have the same experience with my son when it's his time.