01 June 2010


Hi, Friend-lies.

It appears that my sleepless night last week wasn't due to the cold that I thought Lexy was getting, but in fact those nasty 2 year old molars. I broke down after 6 days of low grade fever, runny nose and cough and took the kid to the doctor on Memorial Day. God bless my doctors office for being open on a holiday. Seeing as I work on the next day it made me feel so much better to take her in myself and not send her with my mom. Lexy was great with the doctor, other than she wouldn't open her mouth to get anything more than a glance at those evil teeth making their way in. Needless to say, runny nose and cough are all allergy related (yea Lexy for inheriting my allergies and not Josh's stong immune system) and the fever and general blah-ness around her nap time and all evening = large pointy things shoving their way into my babies mouth. Bad teeth. Bad bad teeth.

But. When lovingly medicated with Tylenol Generic or Motrin Generic, the kid is 100% normal. And even without it she is still pretty darn great. I've got a good one and I know it. So. There was a slight hiatus from posting and hardly any time spent of Facebook for the last few days and it was really nice. I finished 2 books, lovely light summer reads and have moved on to the third. Read Karen White for free, fun, enjoyment, and some easy reading to move yourself aside for a little bit. And enjoy these. This is my light, ease, fun, and enjoyment.

(yes, this one is a little older, but I just uploaded it and it is flippin' cute, okay?)

By the way, we did that about 30 times. After running in a big circle around the front yard (through the sprinkler). Why is it I don't have a better waistline and better looking arms?

Love to you all. Splash!



  1. Glad to hear you now know the cause of the blah's! Molars are no fun ~ but generic tylenol is a life saver! Looks like you all had a lot of fun this weekend...that is sure to help with the blah's too!

  2. DO NOT EVEN get me started on your waistline and arms. Seriously, I hate you and love you.

    Love how you said generic tylenol and motrin. After the last recall I went out and got the generic kind and I actually had to lable it Tylenol and Motrin because I have no idea which one is Ibuprophen and which one is aspirin, lol.

    Now, if I could just find the generic for Zyrtex I would be great.