08 June 2010

Talking in her sleep

Hello, Good Buddies,

I'm on my second cup of coffee this morning and may I just say that this is an amazing pot. And it's amazing that I'm not passed out with my nose in the mug, either. It just keeps going doesn't it? That big hamster wheel that we're all on. I just want to jump off for a few weeks, but I have to make it until September when the requisite vacation is. In the meantime, here I am. Prepping for work and wondering what to throw in my bag for lunch.

However, I did have something cute to mention about the cutest kid on the planet. Which is of course Lexy. In case you were wondering. Not that your kids aren't cute. I'm just being brutally honest because everyone knows that I'm brutally honest.

She talks in her sleep.

With her silly 2 year old grammar. At 6 am this morning, while I was combing out my hair, I heard her rolling around in her crib. When I turned to see if she was awake way too early, I hear...

"Need to go with you."

Now, this is what she says when I'm trying to make her leave her toys or come in from outside when she doesn't want to. I start to walk off, tell her goodbye and then I hear very loudly in the background "Need to go with you!" and when I turn around she's already running to me. Yes, we're still in that stage. It's adorable. One more mark in that cutest kid in the world column. But, she's never said it while sleeping before. She's said "mommy" or "mmppphh" but never full sentences.

I'm not sure if I should hope that this cuteness continues or not. I'm thinking there may be a definite lack of sleep issue if it does.

See you on the flip side lovelies,


p.s. If anyone wants to write ANYTHING, recipes, stories, editorials, whatever, let me know. I still want to introduce you to each other. I started this as a way to let my friends keep up with me and the kid-let and the friends that are responding are a wide cross section of people from different periods of my life. It's kinda funny, actually. So, email me if you're interested. I'd love to hear from you and show you off to my other friends.


  1. My niece talks in her sleep too. Maybe its practice time for them?

    Of course, it is interesting to wonder about when dreaming starts.

    My niece said, "No, Jaden, No!".

    Jaden is a little toddler bully at her day care that always takes her toys away from her. I may have to talk to him, if he's already causing nightmares.


  2. Hehe, do you want a long post about my dissertation topic, Lord Byron? Because he is pretty much all I think about these days. :)

  3. I have some very quick and easy recipes I can share. Shall I email them to you?

  4. Too much cuteness! That is so sweet!!! I love it!

  5. We heard Adam crying on the baby monitor a few months ago. John and I rushed into his room afraid that he had fallen out of bed. When I got into the room and turned on the light I could hear Adam saying, "Where is my ball?!" I think he had a dream he was playing with a ball and was upset when he woke up and it was gone. Too cute!

  6. Taylor talkes in her sleep and just the other day she was sleep walking. Sometimes I wake up and start a conversation with her, lol. Mom of the year right here.