22 June 2010

Hello, My Name is Carin....

Hello, my name is Carin and I'm a soccer-holic. I feel it's important to make this confession to you because we are on the verge of a massive soccer breakthrough and event in this country come tomorrow, approximately 12 pm. This is the time the USA v Algeria game should be ending. Preferably with a USA trouncing of their opponent. I mention this obsession only because it has reached it's worst for the World Cup. I have taken the morning off of work tomorrow so I won't miss the game. Yes, that's right. I have taken off from a part-time job so I can watch my home team play in the world cup.

Now, this may not seem like much if you're familiar with the sport or are from another country. In other places around the world the government will actually shut down the country for world cup match. Here? Not so much. I've been resigned to Live Stream on ESPN3 while at work so I can keep up with match play and the scores of the games. Thank you, Al Gore, for inventing the Internet. I don't know how hard my head would hit the floor if it weren't for the ESPN3 Live Stream.

I also mention this problem that I'm having because there is an article on the vuvuzela, the traditional African horn (the one that sounds like a herd of locusts about to descend in biblical proportions and eat your home, livestock, children, and anything else that you don't have tied down and maybe even the things you do) in the Washington Post this morning. I am so into this Cup that I have put aside the article (in the health section mind you) so that I may read it following this beautiful and heartfelt confession of my inadequacies. Oh, and just in case you were wondering about the purpose and function of said horns:

Yes. Saturday when my husband had agreed to watch Lexy play outside for the morning so I could watch the much talked about USA v Slovenia game... I dragged her inside with me for the first half and made her play with her inside toys, just so I could watch my beloved USA seeing as how Josh had to go out to run errands for "just a little bit". My fellow countrymen defending my honor and upholding all I cherish as a Patriot performed beautifully, following a first half tirade by yours truly.

Second half also incurred some of the "Wrath of Carin". In fact, I believe I may have reached ultra-sonic sounds with my yelling and conversing with the referees (the ones all the way in South Africa)... During the second half, while Josh had Lexy in the backyard on the swings... Lexy looked up at her father and said "Mommy's inside yelling. Want to go inside and see Mommy yelling". Yes. All the doors and windows were closed.

As I said. This is an obsession. Or maybe it's just a life choice. A calling. A passion. A true love. A dream.

Go USA!!! Beat Algeria!!!


  1. Love the World Cup. I work from home tomorrow and will be able to watch the game, which I am excited about! USA needs a Win!

    I assume you played growing up? I have also notice you reference LBSS as where you went to school...what travel team did you play for?

    BTW-the vuvuzela does not bother me at all. Yesterday my husband got annoyed with it and (I believe for the first time EVER) turned the TV down. I don't understand why there has been so much talk about this horn in papers, news, radio stations...


  2. Hahahahhaha I am the same way except for the Italian team... I feel your pain! I will be watching from work as well.... =)

  3. And I forgot I love the vuvuvzela and even have on my phone... lol

  4. As I'm sure you did...I screamed so loud that I terrified my little boy!!

    GO USA!!

  5. All that cheering paid off! What an exciting game!

  6. And while my father said he could hear me screaming in Maryland and I did manage to terrify my daughter at least once... I now issue a loud sigh, a Damn Proud To Be An American, a Whoop, A Celebratory Dance, and a virtual HUG to my boys over in South Africa. Well done, boys. Well done.

  7. Sigh...USA out, England out. But don't cry for me -- now my Argentinian friends are telling me I'm to root for Argentina. I might as well! Sigh.

  8. I love it! You must not yell at Lexi much if she wants to go to where you are yelling. ;-) What a good mom you are!