26 May 2010

Sleep and Music

Last night I had about 4 hours of sleep. Lexy either has the worst allergies ever or just a cold, but with every sniff and cough I was awake. Of course, I didn't go to sleep until late as well just so I could keep and eye on the monitor. I know how quickly kids can go from snuffily to really seriously ill. So this morning I apologize for the incoherence and randomness.

What does it mean when you download Matisyahu and Eric Clapton at the same time from ITunes, but what you really want to do is jump on half.com and order Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson?

Just wondering.


  1. It's been a horrible season for allergies this time around. I wouldn't be surprised if that was it.Poor Lexy.

    What does it mean if you don't know who/what Matisyahu is?

  2. Matisyahu is a Hasidic Jewish rapper. He's actually pretty darn awesome. Love the lyrics.

    And I ordered Electric Youth off Half.com yesterday. I am so excited to get it soon. I am officially reverting into the geek I was in 1989. I had EXCELLENT hair that year.

    Not really.

  3. Poor Lexy. I hope she feels better soon. The good thing about her having this now is that she won't have then as an Adult - or so I have been told.

    I say music is our youth and order what ever you want. I love music and I have a lot of Cd's (over 300). I love listening to 80's music. It brings back so many memories. I have a 5 disk player at home, so I pick 5 Cd's and listen to them for that day and then the next day I will pick 5 more.

    I am getting an I-Pod on Sunday - so I am looking forward to making my own mixes to jam to. It holds almost 2000 songs. :)

  4. I just need to re-buy the Debster's first album. I still have it on cassette somewhere. Along with Electric Youth and Anything is Possible.
    Darnitall, now I HAVE to do it. Must listen to Red Hot right now.