18 May 2010

The Big Event

Dear Friends,

The shower to end all showers. 32 invitations. 35 shower favors in the shape of adorable teapots all individaully wrapped (they came that way, okay?). The most beautiful cake made for 90. Amazing flower arrangements. More food than is decent for one event. 15 people actually showing up. 5 having the decency to RSVP = Priceless.

That's right. I had 17 people NOT rsvp to the event. I planned on and ordered for 28 - 30 based on the lack of rsvp-ing. We had 15 guests. Not that the people who came didn't have fun, a ton of food, amazing drinks, great games to play and prizes to win, cute and keepable favors to take home... but, really. 15 people? Whatever happened to people rsvp-ing to a formal event? I know that these ladies weren't all raised by those without any lessons from Miss Manners. In fact, I know some of them and they all seem like the kind that would have the courtesy to respond to an event that would cost the hostess a few hundred dollars to pull off.

But I digress. Shower photos. Proof that the event occured and for those in attendence, a raving success (at least in my mind). Visual evidence. Here we go.

The Bride. Tall Willowy Blonde, aka Lindsay. Gorgeous and amazing as always!

The flowers. I have to admit, these were even prettier in person and I am SO glad that I had this idea. They were the perfect added touch to the event. So special!

The table. With food for 90. I'm not kidding. I'm still eating leftovers for lunch. This isnt even a quarter of the food. This was only the second wave of food arriving on the table. There was more cold hors deourves and plenty of hot apps coming in the next surge.

Ah. Speaking of food. The cake. Amazing, isn't it. Yes, I photographed it in the box, just in case it got dropped on the way to the table. And just in case it got fingerprints on it after it came out of the box. I almost cried when they cut it. It was stellar.

The favors. Hopefully they will be ones that people keep and don't toss immediately upon arriving home.

And this one.
This one I just love.


  1. Carin, oh my goodness! Amazing!

  2. had I known about this I would have crashed your fabulous event! (and I would have RSVPed, just for the record. My mom, Mo, raised me that way. I send thank you cards too, with stamps, not .com's) I know we just met, and I have no idea who Lindsay is (she is strikingly beautiful by the way), but I do love to crash parties...especially those with good food and beautiful CAKE!

  3. I hope you felt good about how it all turned out (besides the no RSVP people). It all looks amazing and I love the flowers with the "kitchen tools". Cute Idea!

  4. Beeee-you-tiful! Congratulations on a job ridiculously well done. It's too bad that people are so addled by the Internet that they've apparently lost the ability to perform simple tasks (like replying to invitations), but since that was the case, in my opinion they didn't deserve to be on the receiving end of your amazing hospitality! And I echo Barn Owl above -- if I'd been in VA I would've none-too-subtly crashed the event just so I could be near that cake.
    Love the pic of you and Lexy, too. So sweet!

  5. Good Job Carin and I absolutely LOVE the last picture.