25 May 2010


Hi, Friend-lies!

The stress is continuing today at home, work, and various places in between. I typically let myself have one good "spin" day where I whirl in 100 different directions at once and then settle and move on, but I already have a feeling that this week is different.

But this blog is about my life and my family which hopefully is more often than not light and airy and full of fun and laughter. So, in an attempt to make myself settle, breathe and remember to not be spinny I am going to think of some of my favorite things.

Books. Anything and everything. I love the feel, the smell, the weight. None of that electronic crap for me. (sorry if you like the electronic crap, I get it. I really do).

Piano keys. Smooth and cool but strong and powerful.

Coffee. No need to say more.

Puppies. And kittens and baby bunnies and ponies and chicks. Anything small and furry and snuggle-y will do.

Classical music. Traditional Irish music (which of course contains U2). Really, just music.

Firemen. I mean, really, who doesn't love and thank God for firemen. And firewomen.

Smurfs. Little 3 apples high worth of blue goodness. Thank you 1980s.

oohhh.... the 1980s.

Manatees. Who doesn't love big gray floating clouds of squishy sea monster?

Disney. Especially "The Lion King".

Art History. Particularly the Dutch Masters and the Italian Renaissance.

Okay, here we go. This is going to make me feel a lot better.

These were done by Johannes Vermeer. Love him. Love that there are only something like 13 works by him. Love the color, the reality, the simplicity but complexity, the honesty. Most of all I love the LIGHT. Truly amazing.

And this one. This one is in the National Gallery of Art. If you can go see it, go see it. There is nothing in this world like the colors that come out of this painting. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and it makes me want to go to Italy even more than ever before. After hundreds of years that blue just makes me want to cry. Love it. Thank you Giorgione.


  1. i love that you just think of a few of your favorite things to control the spin!

    you had me at italian renaissance, okay it was at smurfs, but still ...

    i love real books too. their artwork, the smell... the electronic stuff doesn't work for me. i still like writing letters on stationery too.

  2. I made a bunch of lists yesterday..I mean a bunch!

    Things I want for my house list.
    Home projects I can do by myself list.
    Home porjects I need my husbands help list.
    Grocery List.
    Items to be returned to various stores list.
    But my favorite list was sitting down with my girls making a list of all the things we want to do this summer....

    Watch the stars in the backyard
    Go to a Water Park
    Eat Breakfast outside
    Go horseback Riding
    Paint our toes...

    The list went on and on (I wont bore you with all the details), but it was fun and even more fun that we did it together. We agreed that we would do our best to get everything done on that list this summer! If only my husband felt the same way about the house projects I come up with :)

  3. Your post today made me smile. I too love books. I have two that are limited print- first edition of Edna St. Vincent Millay Poetry. I love going into used book stores to see what gems I can find. I can loose myself in a book.

    I also love to hand write letters to send to my friends. I think it means more to them then an email.

    Hugs to you!

  4. Oh my goodness, Chimmy, I love writing... no I really prefer getting letters on real stationary. If I email you my address would you send me one? Dee - you too?

    Kathie - I love your summer list. When Lexy is a little bigger I am totally doing that with her! A mini-bucket list. And we'll put it on the fridge and check somthing off every week. Love love love!!!

  5. I love love love books, but you already know that. I could spend hours in an old book store but my kids get bored after about 5 minutes and the smell, as much as I use to like it, I think I might just fall over and die with this stupid asthma (did I mention I blame YOU for getting asthma, lol).

    I wish I would write more hand written letters but I don't. I'm lazy like that and I wish I wrote more because I have so much to say but I just don't know how to get it out on paper.

    Oh and you had me at smurfs too...but I still think Smurfette was a little whore in the hood, lol.

  6. Carin - send address. I got some pretty cards to use. :) Love Ya!

    Chimmy - send me your address as well and I will send you a card,