14 May 2010


Dear Friends,

I'm attempting to learn about timing today. You see, my daughter hasn't been napping very well lately. She takes one afternoon nap and if she actually sleeps its from about 2:30ish until 4:30ish. It's not a bad length for a nap. It gives me time for some moderate cleaning and chores and if I can get through all of that I can even get a few minutes to myself to sit and watch TV, read or write.

Now, as a Mommy, I know my daughters sleeping patterns. The first hour of her nap you could probably bang a drum outside her room and she would still sleep through it. The second half of that nap, you walk up the stairs or into the master bedroom and she'll stir or be restless or even closer to her wake up time, actually wake up. It keeps me either in the bedroom with the DVR or downstairs with everything else.

My beloved husband, however, being a man does not understand the timing of the sleep schedule. He has the opinion that the more noise you make while a child is sleeping, the better they will be able to sleep through it and the better they will sleep period. Take this afternoon for example. I knew that my hubbie was coming home early from work so I left BOTH garage doors open because I know he likes to do outside/car work on nice days when he's home in the afternoon. I left them open so he wouldn't wake Lexy opening them at 4:00.

This did not stop the stomping (okay, heavy walking) up the stairs and the banging of the drawers of the dresser or the stomping back down the stairs. Lets just say the sleeping baby is lying in her bed trying to go back to sleep. He told me he was SILENT when he was upstairs. No noise. Did I mention that I could hear the drawers being shut downstairs and a room over?

I think it's something on the Y chromosome.


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  1. I think the person who goes to all the effort to actually get the child to fall asleep gets to dictate the rules about noise around the house during nap and bed time. :)