17 May 2010

Signs of Inspiration

I have a new love. Wooden signs. I know, I know. Just what my house needs: More stuff. But, see, these are for the WALLS. They don't accumulate on top of those stacks of papers and books or toys that are scattered around my house. They go up on the wall as decoration. A loophole in the "don't add to the clutter" rule that I try and follow. Okay, I don't really try and follow that. Not even close. I buy far too much stuff for Lexy and if I want a new book I tend to figure out a way to get it. But, these signs are SO much fun and are so cute on the wall. Not to mention that they can be inspirational and centering.

This is my first one.

It was supposed to be for Lexy's room, but when it came and I arranged it with the pictures that I had ordered it didn't work. Now it's in the kitchen. It's my daily reminder that I need to smile and live my life like I'm walking on the beach looking for shells. The way I want to live my life. Walking through the sand on the beach with Josh, holding Lexy's hand, looking for God's perfect little reminders that my footprints are only temporary and His creations no matter how small are more beautiful than anything I can imagine. That and it's whimsical. I'm diggin' the whimsical.

This is the second sign.

This is my new one. This is a Monkee thing (again, check out momastery, it's awesome!)... something that can remind me at 5:00 in the morning when I struggle to wake up and get ready for work that I can do it. I can make it and I can make it beautiful all at the same time. There is more than one thing that I love about this one. First, $5.00 of the sale goes to an orphanage in Uganda. How cool is that. Second, it's a quote from my friend Glennon and she is just an inspiration to me everyday. It also reminds me of some other dear friends and some new ones, and it's nice to be surrounded by things that remind me of my friends. Third, it was handmade by my new friend Kristi. I cannot believe that someone can make something so beautiful! I'm so happy to think that when I see it every morning that it will remind me of a new friend. Never enough new friends, I say. It's gorgeous and I'm trying to decide on the perfect place to hang it. I think I have it, but I haven't quiet settled yet.

The third sign I haven't bought yet. I'm saving up for it, but I full intend to order it and have it on my wall in the next month. If Kristi can make it that fast once I've ordered it. I told you she was amazing, right? This one is all about the beach. It's all the words that remind me of the ocean, the shore, the one place in the world that I have always felt that I am a whole person. She incorporates the centering nature of the ocean (sunset, lighthouse, ocean breezes) with the light and laughter and memories of my childhood (castles in the sand). It's like she created it specifically for me. It's beautiful. Did I mention that? Did I mention that I can't wait to order it and get it in my house so that I can look at it and put myself there and center myself and remember to breathe? So, I hope that Kristi doesn't mind, but if you want to check out her amazing art hit her website... although don't backlog her with so many orders that once I get the funds in order for my beach sign I can get it fast fast fast... but, you should really check her stuff out. It's amazing.

And then. I have to figure this one out, but I have a quote that I have to get up somewhere in my house. It's from the bulletin at my church today and it's an amazing reminder to do what we can, do anything that we need to, and that those things are the things that are good and right for us. So, I leave you with this for today, my beauiful friends.

"Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be a stonger person. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks." ~Philip Brooks

Love to you all,



  1. oooooh can't wait to see the new custom sign!!!! hurry up and save!!:)

  2. i'm so glad you like your sign! and i can't wait to add your special words to the beach sign!! and most importantly i'm happy to have a new friend!

    xoxo ~ kristi

  3. I can't wait to see the new custom sign either! I'm sure you will love it, I love the one she did for me...I was thinking of getting another one...


  4. So jealous. You got the sign already? I want one so bad.