06 May 2010


Dear Friends,

I have come to a conclusion. An epiphany. I had a light bulb go on over my head. Okay, not really.

I share this with you because I love all of you. If you are the parent of a 2 year old it is completely impossible, no matter how much you clean and organize to NOT have at least one toy in every room of the house.

I know this is true because I spent 2 hours last night cleaning the main floor of my house for the bridal shower on Saturday. Toys. Everywhere. All over. I am going to have nightmares about toys following me every where I go. Tripping me. Coloring my walls. Bopping me on the head.

Wish me luck on corralling the toys.

Love to you all,



  1. I hear you on that. I keep telling myself to just let it go - but I can't. I am to OCD about it. Look in my pictures on Facebook. I have one of a clean and organized playroom and then one after he has gone through it.

    Now, I have started telling him it is clean up time 15 minutes and let him picking them up, after all they are his toys.

  2. WHAT..TOYS....EVERYWHERE...I know your pain! One thing that I have just discovered for clean up time is setting the timer. I don't know if it will help with a 2 1/2 year old, but when I set the timer for my 4 and 5 year old and make a game of it...well...let's just say we get the entire room cleaned in 3 minutes (with me staying clam) opposed to 25 minutes (with me losing my mind).

    Tell me more about this shower you are having on Saturday...it sounds like a lot of work ;)jk...good luck with it.

  3. You are so lucky to have that finished basement for Lexy to play in. Adam's toys are beginning to spread all over the house. He plays with ALL of them, so it's not like I can store a bunch of them in our basement. And now we've got to bring old toys back up for Todd, too. My house is a zoo right now.

  4. Enjoy your Zoo. They grow up way too fast. Just look at Lexy and Adam!