24 May 2010

Stress Ball

Dear Friends,

There wasn't much time to sit and think this weekend. The hubbie was out of town for 4 days and while he was attending a friends wedding in North Carolina, I was hosting his brother and his wife, and yesterday Josh's entire family with grandparents included. It's a little bizarre having his family here without him around. And that brings about the "why are they still his family" question. I mean, we've been married for 7 years and together for almost 11. Will I reach a point when I will think "my family?". But, I digress. I just plum didn't have time to write, although I did start a new book and I think I love it so I'll let you know about that when I'm done.

I just wanted to get something down today. I'm not sure how much time and energy there will be this week. Work is getting pretty stressful and with one of our long-time staffers moving on the bigger and better things at the end of the week we've hired someone new. Hopefully she'll work out, but I'm just not optimistic with staff anymore. And now, another of our staff has quit and we're on to new employee number 2. 2 new employees in as many weeks, and the first hasn't even been trained yet. I'm there part-time and don't have the training time in my schedule, so I'm going to need to be ubber-organized (I know, more so than I already am OCD girl said) and be a time-management queen. But as I write this I feel my stomach knot and the stress shooting through the limbs. I hate it. My little family at work is breaking up and as dysfunctional as it may be, I love my little family. I'm not ready for it to change. I've gotten really great at disconnecting my work life from my home life. In fact I can usually shed the work life off once I get in the car, but I have a feeling that work is going to be following me home (at least it better be, if the newbies know what's good for them. I mean, when I say "call me if there are any problems or questions" there had better not be any know-it-alls after a week and there had better be phone calls).

So, this week I'll need love and prayers my dear friends. Lots of cyber-hugs and real ones if I see you, please. I have a funny feeling that that may be the only thing that keeps me going. Oh, and comments. Post LOTS of comments. I'm dying to know how everyone else's weekends were and what this week holds for you. Talk to me people. Talk to each other. Share amongst yourselves.

Love love love,



  1. i hope your body knots are loose. breathe.



    P.S. - Let me know if you do want to check out Burke Presbyterian some time. We could plan to go together.

  2. *Hug*Hug*Hug*

    I'm very lucky with my husbands family. I do feel like they are my family and when they are in town, I usually spend more time with his parents than anyone else, so it's a good thing we get along. I can go shopping with my MIL and watch TMZ with my FIL-Yes...my FIL loves TMZ, it drives my husband nuts!

    My Saturday was crazy hectic. My husband works every weekend so I have all 3 kids. The older 2 had soccer games on Saturday and then we went to a late lunch. Which meant we left home at 11:30 and got home at 4:30ish...and my baby had no nap. We were all tired! Thank God for rain...Sunday we didn't leave the house, which meant I could get a molding project done that I started.
    Hopefully the week will bring no big surprises and I'm sure my husband is hoping that I don't start any new house projects for a while...but no promises!

    Happy Monday!

  3. Sending Big HuGs!

    Kathie ~ I can't wait to hear about the molding project! mine is in the same state it was when you were here. it will probably be in this state for quite a while! I was busy painting all weekend. I had 20 orders to fill from my etsy shop and I've got a BIG show to get ready for June 3-5. I can't see straight for lack of sleep. The only time I can paint is when my kids are in bed! But my mom did come over this weekend so that I could work while the sun was shining!

    Hope your week goes by quickly!!

    xoxo ~ kristi

  4. My weekend was good despite being sick. Jacob (2.5 years old) was very well behaved and didn’t throw any tantrums (thank goodness) and Capers (5months old) actually took a few naps so I got some rest myself. My hubby is a farmer – so this is planting time and means that Daddy works every day except Sunday. So he gets up early and gets home late. Thankfully they are almost done and he will have some Saturdays back. I spent my Saturday playing with the kids. I save my household cleaning and errands for during the week. The weekends belong to the boys. Bill did surprise us and got home early and he took over and ordered me to the couch. Sunday he decided to take himself and Jacob to church and then to lunch at Jacobs all time favorite place to eat McDonald’s. That gave me ½ a day to sleep in and just cuddle with the baby, it was wonderful. When they got home we made a fort on the floor and cuddled up and watched Disney Movies, Blue Clues and John Deere Tractor movies (a must if you have boys).

    Although I had some stress and a lot of worries on my mind – I decided to give it up to the Lord and on Monday I got all good news and my hubby smiled and said “give it to the Lord baby, he will take care of you”. I cannot say enough how blessed I am to have such a caring and loving husband.

    As for his family – they are my family. I think he would enjoy your post on marrying the “mob” family because I have a huge one and he has a small one. My in-laws are a blessing and his Mother is a saint! I love that woman. While I do have my issues with his sister, I do love her. As for my family – I think my hubby gets along better with them then I do. I have two dads, two moms, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, lots of nieces and nephews and tons of aunts and uncles – they are all over the place and so holidays are always a pain to me – but we make it work.

    Anyway – enough rambling, I am sending lots of love, hugs and prayers to you. I wished I was back in Virginia, so I could spend time with you in person.

  5. BIG HUGS GIRL!! I would come and hug you personally but I'm yucky sick. I'm starting to wonder if you are the one that gave me this bronchial asthma. I mean I was fine for 15+ years and then I come and see you and wham bam thank you ma'am, I have bronchial asthma. I'm kidding of course, but seriously, I'm sick and I'm tired and I just want to spend the whole weekend on the couch but I think my kids will not allow that.

    Is it ok if I wish for rain ALL WEEKEND long so I don't ever have to go outside?