20 May 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein

Yesterday I was looking for my miracles. Here's what I found:

- Chinese Food.
- Having a talented massage therapist as a friend that's willing to check something out for someone just cause you ask.
- Extra coffee in the morning with a few extra minutes to enjoy it.
- Wednesday means that I have the next 4 days with my daughter.
- Light traffic on the way home from work.
- Catching up on paperwork at the office so there won't be as much come Monday.
- Reruns of Grey's Anatomy on Lifetime.
- Comments on the blog... and comments on Facebook (I did mention that was my new obsession).
- Hanging my gorgeous "we can do hard things" sign in just the right spot.
- Sitting down for 10 minutes with uninterrupted silence.
- In general, this blog, because I have been blessed with a minimum of 3 new friends.

I hope you found your miracles yesterday. I hope you find many more today.

Love to you all,



  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing miracles! Some people think that miracles rarely happen and are larger than life! How tragic! I am so glad I believe that miracles can be the simplest of things and happen in tiny moments in time!

    Thanks for reminding me!

    xoxo - kristi

  2. Playing with my best friends baby boy Cristiano Cruz on a quiet sunny morning in Seattle.

    No blackberry messages or calls :)

    Sharing a glass of wine with my bestie's Mom, Bente. She's a gem :)

    It was a wonderful day!

  3. When people ask me in passing "How are you" I have responded "Perfect" for the last 15 years (long story as to how it came about). Most look at me (especially when that is my response early on a Monday morning) and say "How"? I usually respond with how simple things make for a perfect morning. I got a load of laundry started, I hit mostly green lights, I remembered my lunch, my kids dressed themselves...It is small daily miracles like these that make my life Perfect!

    Today I am thankful that I am able know that small things can be miracles.

  4. I'm going to try and say "Perfect" from now on because really, everyday is a gift right?

    I've missed you my friend.

    Hey and check you out, you have 22 followers. I'm so proud.