29 April 2010

Bald Eagles

Last night Lexy had a special dinner. I say special because I was exhausted from work, she had not taken her nap and was extra hyper, and we had just spent 45 minutes on the phone with her Grandparents, Aunt Brittney, Aunt Amanda and her Nana. By special dinner I mean she had a fish fillet, sweet potato fries and peas. Josh and I ordered a pizza.

While Lexy was eating and our pizza was on the way I was showing her a book of animals. I was explaining to her that the Big Boy Lion has a lot fur around his head and it is called a Mane. And then I got the brilliant idea, when she asked me to see more lions, to show her the National Geographic website for kids. It's awesome, if you haven't checked it out. We watched a video on lions and went on to watch about 10 others. When we got to the Bald Eagle this was the video that they have posted. A mother eagle caring for her chick. I told Lexy that it was a baby eagle in the picture and she proceeded to tell me that there was a Mommy Eagle, too. And when the Mommy Eagle came on the screen she pointed and said excitedly

"It's Carin Eagle, it's Carin Eagle".

Yes, Lexy knows my name is Carin. I am a Bald Eagle.

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  1. It's amazing how kids take new information, combine it with what they already know and make sense of the world. I often wish that Leah would start talking so I would know what she's thinking. What a great moment! (And a great idea about the National Geographic site, I will have to check that out.)