07 April 2010

Updates and updates and updates

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was, for me, a deep post. I don't mean to get all philosophical on you... or maybe I do. I loved my comments and my virtual hugs. It means a lot and made me smile which helped me get through an "Eeyore" day. I thought that today I would let you know some of the updates that have been going on around the household. Just to lighten things up a bit.

I am officially a baseball widow. MLB has started back with a vengeance and Josh is glued to the TV. Orioles are the only team... but he's happy to watch anything when it's on if there's no Orioles game. I love baseball. For our first, third, and fourth anniversaries we splurged on AWESOME seats to Baltimore Orioles games, booked great hotel rooms and spent long weekends in Baltimore. It was awesome. I love going to games. I read the sports page religiously. I follow my team. I CANNOT watch 162 baseball games a season. Not counting postseason, but the O's haven't been there in forever so I haven't had to worry about that part. And then there's all-star break. AAHHHHH!!!!! I am happy for my DVR so I can record my DWTS (Dancing with the Stars), Private Practice (Okay, guilty pleasure) or House Hunters and go and hide in the bedroom and watch something that I want to watch. Of course, I am the supportive wife and I totally will watch some of the games. Some of them. For about 15 minutes at a time. When I'm not writing. Or reading. Or surfing the web. Or breathing.

I am going to be the Aunt to a bouncing baby boy. That's right. The decision has been made. Little Ian Daniel is going to become a bigger part of the family come September (hopefully, all prayers gratefully accepted). Carol is doing well and I love the name. Daniel is the Josh and Matt's fathers name. love love love. I can't wait to buy some decorations for the baby's room. I hope they don't mind but I rock at decorating boy's rooms. Not doing so great with Lexy's, but maybe that's because she's mine and nothing is good enough for my daughter? But that makes it sound like anything would be okay for my nephew, and that's not right. hhmmm.... Yea! A nephew!!!

The invitations have arrived for Tall Willowy Blonde's bridal shower. Oh my goodness, they are SO SO SO cute!!! I love them. I'm trying to plan a color theme around them and am planning on heading out to the stores Thursday to check on cake, balloons, flowers... Now, if I only had games and shower gifts nailed down. I'm pondering, people, pondering. Anyone have a great game they want to share? Email me, please. Personal creative block aside, my MIL suggests that we play the "toilet paper bride" game. NO NO NO!!!

Lovely Jennifer is doing well with the 2 babes at home. Although her last FB status update was a little scary so some attention from me maybe in order. She sounds a little stressed and I can't imagine how hard it is to have 2 children to take care of. But, she's an amazing trooper and I know she's doing better than she thinks she is. I keep thinking I'm giving her space and time to settle in, but I'm headed down that way in the next 2 weeks. Jennifer, I hope you're reading this. Make preparations for my mother, myself, and Lexy to head down to you. We bring time for a shower, laundry, and a nap with us. Take full advantage of us, please.

The reader count is up to 9, which is one of the most thrilling things that has happened to me in a really long time. I was hoping to get to 10, so we'll see. I am so happy to see my friends on here and to have their love and support in my little venture into the world wide web. If anyone wants to guest post, let me know. I have NO idea how to actually do that, but would love to read what my friends have to say about their lives and the world in general. Shelley, this means you. And Chimmy, if you want? I drafted the post last night. What a wonderful surprise when I woke up this morning and found my number at 10! Thank you thank you. Now that I met that goal where do I go from here. 10 is after all my favorite number. Should I aim for 15 or 20? Do I even know that many people interested in reading my thoughts? Share with your friends and lets try and get to 15!

Lexy is still talking about Easter. She had one of the best days ever, at least she thinks so. I'm hearing about her Easter egg hunt, her friend she got to play with, and lasagna (which is pronounced "Anya" for those of you out of the 2 year old loop). Oh, and CANDY. Candy is a big one. She'd never had candy until Sunday and I think she's addicted. I'm not sure what to do about it, although I'm thinking it maybe a positive thing for taking away the pacifier and teaching the potty-training thing. Give a little bribe in the form of candy. No, I am SO not above bribing my daughter. Oh, speaking of the pacifier. Anyone have ANY suggestions on that one? She only gets it for nap and night time and I'm ready to take it away, she's getting way too attached and I want to nip it in the bud. It's been too long, but she gets such relaxation from it. Should I just take it and tell her it went "bye bye" or do it at bed time and then add in nap time later? Clean break I'm thinking. And just deal with the tears and the talking and no napping for a few days. Ugh, the joys of parenting.

On that note, my lovelies, I am off. I love you all and I hope you have a beautiful day full of blessings (and comments. I love love love my comments).



  1. Coby was super attached to the pacifier - so much so that he slept with one in the mouth and one in each hand (yes, three!). We never let him have them when awake - they were always only for sleeping. When we put him in a real bed they would fall between the bed and the wall. He thought it was funny to watch us pull the bed out to get them and started putting them down there. We stopped getting them out (we had about 10) and said when they were all gone, that was it, he wouldn't have any more. Sure enough, that day came quickly. Rachel and I panicked about how aweful it would be (he was always a terrible sleeper) but he said "ok" and never looked back. I am a big fan of cold turkey. I've seen it work on numerous kids at the school where I teach as well. They just don't need them anymore to sleep, so while they like them, they just seem to get over it quickly.

  2. HEY! yay I am following you (creepy)! Speaking of the Bridal Shower, you should do the purse game!!

  3. I'm hanging in there! I think they key stresser has been Adam's distress about the new baby. But he is getting better every day. I don't have a problem with the loss of sleep or "me time." It's when both children are awake and I'm tending to one and the other is having a melt down. Adam's little melt downs break my heart. The other day he ran into the back yard and sat on the steps all by himself. When I caught up with him and asked why he was sitting by himself he said, "I miss you mommy." :(

    I am so excited that you are going to be an aunt to a little boy! The Hickey family must be over the moon. I love the name, too! Those good, strong, male names are my favorite!