27 April 2010

Pink Duct Tape

Okay, I have to ask. Why am I putting SO much effort into this bridal shower? To be honest, I don't really know Josh's cousins very well. We see each other at Christmas and sometimes Thanksgivings. There are a few in between visits, but we don't call, we don't email... we don't even really talk over Facebook. And here I am just having spent 45 minutes searching the Internet trying to find the perfect bridal shower favor. Yes, 45 minutes. I think I found something, but anything under $2.00 per favor is absolutely hideous and I don't want hideous to be reflected upon me or Josh. Ah, the true crux. I don't want to be hideous. The favors that I found are little teapot shaped ceramic plates for teabags. The shower is kitchen/bath. Teapots would fit, right? Please say right because the shower is 2 weeks away and I don't have time to think of something else. 45 minutes today alone people!

I'm stressing over what to add to the menu. I have 2 boxes of hors d'oeuvres in the freezer. I have 2 platters of cheese. I have a shrimp ring chilling out in the spare ice box. I have pasta salad, veggie platter and some ham sandwich thing that the Mother-In-Law is going to bring all hanging around in my head waiting for next week to buy. But. I have 32 people on the guest list. And the invitations say "regrets only". I have heard from 2 people that they won't be able to make it. It's a little less than 2 weeks from the wedding and I have heard from 2 people. I was assured by the creators of the guest lists that at least 10 people if not more would be declining. So far... only 2. This is going to be the largest party I have ever hosted, and so far I'm doing 99.9% of it on my own, even though the invite says 2 names. Ugh. What was I thinking???

When did I think I would have time to do this. I work part-time. I have Lexy full-time. I have a dog. I have Josh. That should count for 2. I have my parents and Lexy's play dates and my groceries. And I really really really wanted to decorate Lexy's room with some new Pottery Barn beach theme items for girls. All postponed to pay for the shower. Who knew that showers were so FLIPPIN' expensive? No one told me. I knew that they were expensive, but really. $60.00 for food and I'm not even 1/3 there. I have no idea what else to put on the menu... any suggestions?

And games. Boy, oh boy, the games. I've already shot down the "bridal gown toilet paper" game. Save a tree. I think I have it pinned down to the trusty "Match the TV couple" game and this really fun one that I once played with rice and paperclips and blindfolds. Connect the dots. It was really hard and lots of fun. 2 games. 30 people means a lot of presents. I'm thinking that this shower will be about 6 hours and I may have to order out for pizza. Or run to Target and buy extra pillows and blankets for all the people that will be sleeping on my floors.

Please. If you read this and you love me or even like me a little bit, next time someone mentions something other than "Bridal Shower for Shelley", please find some of that really girly pink duct tape and slap it across my mouth before I can say "yeah, sure, I guess I can do that". Unless it's Shelley and you can get an enthusiastic "YES, I WANT TO HOST A SHOWER!!!!" I want that duct tape in place from date of engagement to date of wedding. Thanks.


  1. It sounds like this shower calls for two gigantic sheet cakes. That way everyone can walk away with 2lbs. of excess cake. He he he. I find I always overdo it in the food department. I always think people are going to eat more than they do. Then I'm left having spent too much money and with lots of food that goes to waste.

  2. I ordered a cake for 30. 14 inch vanilla with apricot marmalade and buttercream. Yum yum yum. But who knew fondant was just as expensive as the cake itself? Stupid!!!

  3. The above link has some free printable games that may be helpful if you still need some.

    I always tend to overdo it in the food department too (I think everyone does). When ever I feel I need more I tend to go with a chips/salsa and dip.

    One year on our street there were 3 new babies beign born. I somehow was asked to help with all 3...talk about an expensive 2 months...the stuff does add up!

    Good Luck!

  4. I still can't get over that she doesn't have any friends or that her own mother wouldn't be throwing her a bridal shower. Doesn't make much sense.

  5. http://www.weddingfavorsunlimited.com/Free_Bridal_Shower_Games.html

    I guess the link would help :)

  6. Kathie - thanks for the link. I'm going to check it out. Maybe it'll be easier than if I have to type one out myself.

    Jennifer - Tall Willowy Blonde has already had showers, and a trip to Puerto Rico. none of which I was invited to. Me, bitter? Not much. Like I said, I don't actually talk to her. Feeling more and more taken advantage of here. I will remember that it will be fun and exciting and something wonderful for someone else. I will remember, I will remember.

  7. Did you volunteer yourself to throw the shower or were you voluntold by someone else? I find it is a lot harder for me to be happy about something I have to do if someone else has put me up to it or guilted me into it!

  8. Kelly - I wrote a previous post about it. My mother-in-law asked if I would do it for "the family". I should have thought about it and politely declined... but I didn't. I was a bit thrown that she was asking because I was always taught that it was poor manners to do something like this specifically for family. Different strokes. At least it will be a fun party with yummy food.

  9. Aw, I'm so honored to be the one exception for shower hosting in the future! Although at this point, odds for me getting married are looking pretty slim (stupid boys!). I'm crossing my fingers for you that all goes well with this shower -- and I don't even have to do that because I know you'll do a fantabulous job. The M-I-L is one lucky ...well, you know. :)