08 April 2010

Childhood and Stuff Like That

Dear Friends,

The other day in the Washington Post style section there was a HUGE article on the front page revolving around one of the best series of books ever written, The Babysitters Club. Now I know that most of you reading this are around the same age as I am, so if you tell me that you never read any of these I am totally NOT going to believe you. I think it was mandatory reading for every girl growing up in the 80s and 90s. I have saved all of my BSC books. They are now located in Lexy's room, in order might I add. I'm missing a few and would love love love to complete my collection. I will freely admit that on certain nights, when the day has been long and my brain is a bit fuzzy, I grab one and slip into a nice hot bubble bath and take myself back to my childhood. The BSC isn't the only childhood books that I reread. I go back and read my Mary Higgins Clark books over and over as well. The stand up as more than just 80s fluff.

One of the reasons I was thrilled to have a daughter was so that I could show all of those 80s icons. Lexy already has one of my Cabbage Patch Kids (and one of her own). I plan on giving her the My Little Ponies that I have packed away in the attic in a few years, too. I think I had about 30 Cabbage Patch Kids and at least 75 My Little Ponies and their stables and accessories. I hope Lexy is going to be into baby dolls and ponies because I shouldn't have to buy her any toys the year she's 5. Oh, and does anyone know if Jem is out on DVD yet so I can get that for her, too?

The one thing that depressed me about the article in the Post is that they plan on reissuing the books with changes to the more 80s style aspects. They're changing the clothing descriptions. I mean, really, how can you change the clothing descriptions? The hair clips, frizzy perms, the high bangs, the leggings and big sweaters. Seriously, Claudia Kishi and Stacy McGill were my style icons. Of course, I never knew where to buy clothes like they wore so I never wore anything remotely resembling anything described in the books, but I still wanted to. And they're taking out the Diabetes shots that Stacy had to take. Really? I know that there are progressions in medicine for the 21st century, but come on. These are books in and of the 80s. Leave it alone! I love my biking everywhere, 11 year olds being able to babysit, 6 girls getting together between 5:30 and 6:00 MWF in one room to be girls. And to take that away? No thanks! It's like taking the Smurfs and making them purple. Nobody wants a purple Smurf. Who has ever heard of a purple Smurf.

Leave the 80's alone. The music was awesome, the clothes rocked, the hair was big (except for mine. Mine doesn't do big even with Glue), the people were nice and safe. What's wrong with that?

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  1. I agree. Leave them alone! I LOVED THOSE books!!!!!!