18 April 2010

Cheez-its and Jesus

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was relaxing, minus chores, trips to the grocery store and other various housework. Not to mention hitting a GREAT yard sale and finding all kinds of great clothes for Lexy to grow into and a new big wheel that she loves. By the way, breathing in watered down bleach is not the greatest idea. I guess there's a reason why there is a window in my bathroom, silly me.

So many of you are asking for pictures of Lexy. Okay, to be real, no one is asking anything. I haven't gotten one email. Just some lovely facebook comments. But, because I like to pretend that I'm exceptionally popular and my daughter should be hounded by the paparazzi I have included for your viewing/reading pleasure a few pictures of our spring. The picture above is our first trip to a park. Lexy was so excited to be able to get close to the geese and the ducks. Next time we'll take popcorn and a lot more pictures. She had a blast!

This is Lexy's first attempt at blowing dandelion seeds. She did pretty well considering that she blows through her 2 front teeth. Most of the time she was asking me to do it for her. Hopefully none of the neighbors are reading this as their lawns spring up with more and more dandelions. I think that's the risk of having a 2 year old girl for your next door entertainment.

We also had a fun at church on Sunday. When I told Lexy Saturday evening that we were headed to church the next morning she said "cheez-it". Now, cheez-it out of Lexy's mouth sounds a LOT like Jee-shush. So, I thought she was saying "Jesus" and I was all impressed that she was learning that going to church means talking to Jesus. I told her that she was right, that we were going to church to talk to Jesus. Apparently, my 2 year old thinks I'm a tad ridiculous. She told me "Jee-shush, Mommy". And, again, I responded "Yes, Lexy. Church is for Jesus and we love Jesus". I didn't know a 2 year 3 month old could enunciate so well. She broke down EVERY syllable for me. "No, Mommy. CH-EEZ-IT". Oh. Cheez-its. She had crackers in the nursery on the previous week, and Cheez-its were, apparently, the crackers that she had mentioned she ate when we were on the way home that day. I had no idea that the nursery attendant had given her Cheez-it's, but that was apparently the biggest impact on going to church for her. When we left for church on Sunday morning she was very excited to go to the nursery to have her Jee-shushs.

Cheez-its. Jesus. It's all good.

Love to you all and have a great Monday.

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  1. oh my gosh. so darn cute! girl, i think lexy's on to something. cheezits ARE divine. she's a doll!

  2. i have been dyiung to see a picture! lexy is adorable!

  3. Jacob loves going to church. He will annoy us until we load him in the car and get on the road. One Sunday we had to stay home because he was sick and my goodness that child had a major melt down over it.

    It is good that Lexy is enjoying it even if it is just for the ""Jee-shush". :)