02 April 2010

Just What Is Too Big?

Dear Friends,

As I write this I'm eating NATURAL Cheetos White Cheddar Puffs. I say this because I do not truly have a weight issue. Although, maybe I do. I'm not sure anymore.

Last year a couple a few streets over put their house on the market for sale. It sat and sat and they waited and waited. I guess they didn't get a deal that they really liked because once the house was under contract they put up a sign in their yard stating that the play set they had in the backyard was for sale. They weren't giving it up along with the house. This thing is amazing. It has a tower, a rock wall, a rope ladder, regular ladder, picnic table, slide, 2 swings, tire swing, monkey bars. It's awesome. A kids dream and every neighbor kids jealous dreams. I decided that I had to at least ask about getting it for Lexy. Yeah, she was way too small to use it last year, but it would keep, right? So off I went to their front door to inquire about how much they were asking for it. $2500.00. Okay, way way way too much. Far over anything I would ever dream of spending on Lexy. So, far too much and I ruled it out.

About 2 weeks later the sign was still up in their yard. I decided that if they hadn't sold it by then that maybe they would entertain my crazy low-ball offer. I called and made an offer. Chatted with the woman for about 20 minutes. A few days later they called me back. They had decided that after talking to me about it twice and meeting Lexy that I really wanted it for her. They had 2 other offers that were higher than mine, but they were going to sell it to me because they liked me. It was so cool. And then we had to disassemble it and move it. Ugh, that was a nightmare! It took Josh, his friend Jason, myself, and my father to take it apart and move it 3 streets over.

The reason for all this back story? It was a glorious 75 degrees outside yesterday. Blue skies, white puffy clouds, nice breeze. I decided it was so nice that I would skip the grocery store in favor of letting Lexy play outside for the morning. After lunch we ended up in the backyard so Lexy could use the slide. We haven't used it since last year and it was covered in leaves and spider webs so I climbed up after Lexy with a broom to clean it up a little. When I went to go up into the tower section Lexy was kind enough to tell me: "No Mommy, Mommy too big. Lexy little". Nice, right?

I decided that I would take her down the slide with me the first time, since it's a bigger slide than she's used to. I sat down and when I went to put her on my lap she told me "Mommy too big, no Mommy". Um, yeah. Okay. I'll admit it. I'm 5 foot 6 and weigh 134 as of this morning. I may not be pre-baby shape, but I am pre-baby weight. I've never been ridiculously thin, but other than baby weight never been over 140ish. I consider myself average. Normal. Regular weight. Nothing special. I try and eat healthy, with exceptions. Like Cheetos White Cheddar cheese puffs. I try and go for 2 walks a day.

"Mommy too big, no Mommy" I went down that slide about 15 times.

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  1. I love you and hate you all at the same time :-)

    Happy Easter my friend.