14 April 2010

Parenting Lessons

Dear Friends,

I will admit that I am not the world's best parent. Don't tell anyone I said that, especially not Lexy. We eat way too much pizza (Lexy gets Gerber meals, at least there are no preservatives), too much macaroni and cheese, too much Cinnamon bread. There are probably a million safety hazards in the house. I'm sure the blinds on the window will choke someone, the little pieces of puzzle lying around may be eaten, and there are probably accessible stairs to fall down if the little one is unsupervised. Okay, okay, when is Lexy unsupervised? I don't know the number to poison control and it's not on speed dial. I do know the number to 911, though, so I figure I have that one covered. Josh and I don't have a lot of rules when it comes to our parenting technique, but I'm fairly certain that this qualifies as "How Not To Parent Your Child".

Love to you all,


  1. When it comes to eating for toddlers I was told by the Dr. and others to not fight them on it. They know what they like and if they want chicken nuggets every night then give it to them. We always make sure that with Jacob, that he has a veggie and a fruit along with whatever meat he chooses - which most of the time is chicken nuggets. At least he loves salad - so I make him a mini salad to eat on his plate. The only rule I have when it comes to food, is that he has to at least try it before telling me no. As for what Bill and I eat - well i like to think we eat good, but Bill doesn't think so. We have a meat, veggie, rice or sometimes just a meat and veggie. When the summer hits, I love to grill and so most of our food is grilled or baked. I do not fry our foods - although I will go to Bojangles to get my Fried Chicken fix or beg my dad to make it for me. As for the video - I don't think I would let me kid ever do that. Hugs to you!

  2. There are no rules! (Easier said than practiced, probably... I'm still a single girl with no children)

    Now from an adult lens, I marvel at how my parents 'parented' and continue to parent us (4 children total). Each of us differently.

    You are doing just fine. Breathe.

  3. Hi, Ladies! Well, so far I haven't attached Lexy to a tight rope over 6 hungry tigers and asked her to walk across it... so I think I'm doing okay. Thank you for your comments!!!

  4. GIRL! You are super mom! Seriously. The proof is in the results. Lexy is a great little girl. Isn't it interesting how much we moms beat ourselves up over not being what we think is "perfect?" I can't tell you the number of times I've just given Adam Cheerios for dinner.

  5. We have a rule in our house called "The no thank you bite". My kids have to have atleast one bite of something before they tell me "No Thank you" to it. It helps with getting them to try new things. Of course it back fires when they tell me I have to have a no thank you bite....I already know I don't like tomatoes!!

    Now, we also have special nights when we have popcorn for dinner or we eat dessert first! It's all a balance and it always works out in the end.


  6. seriously, people. I am SO the parent of the year. Please reread with Carin's patented sarcastic voice inserted throughout the post. thank you all, will have to post on Lexy's eating habits in the next few days... love you all for your support, though! :)

  7. oh, by the way friends, the "How to parent your child" is a link... just in case you didn't see it...