19 April 2010

Running Through Water

Dear Friends,

I have been thinking a lot on the sermon that my pastor gave Sunday during our church service. Now, God Bless my pastor, but a lot of time when he talks, I tune out. I know that a lot of people do the same thing, but my pastor tends to end his sermons about 4 times. And sometimes I don't feel too intellectually challenged by his words. But, he's good at his job, he keeps most of the congregation from falling asleep and he's great with people and has really helped to build our church.

Sunday I made a very concerted effort to pay attention to the words. First, I was very proud of myself for attending for a month straight... and for attending for the second week in a row by myself. I'm starting to think that it's good that way. Less distraction in the pew. Second, that I was actually trying to pay attention to everything written and said so that I could plow through to find deeper meaning upon reflection. That is SO not me. I tend to go, read the bible, sing my hymns, and ponder God on my own time. The sermon is something that is just in the middle of everything else. But, I am trying to be a better Christian so I can teach Lexy to be a good person and a good Christian, and I guess that means listening to the actual words of the sermon.

Pastor Larry was speaking on John 21, one of the chapters about Jesus appearing to his disciples following the resurrection. He was specifically speaking about the disciple Peter. For those of you who aren't into the religious thing, please bear with me. The chapter is about how following Jesus revealing himself to the disciples, Peter jumped from the boat where they were fishing and leapt into the waters to fight his way to his Lord as fast as possible. His interpretation was that Peter was so thrilled to see his Master that he flew off a boat and into the ocean. He went splashing through the water as fast as he could with the enthusiasm of a child to be with his Lord.

I can't imagine what it would be like to have that much passion and enthusiasm for something that I would leap off a boat into who knows how deep waters and fling myself forward through waves and sand to be the first and the fastest to get to my desired end. And later, upon Jesus' request, Peter single handedly pulls in a full net of fish to feed his brothers and his Lord. To have the brute strength and energy, the excitement and adrenaline to make this achievement. Amazing.

I have this picture in my head of a half-crazed man, arms flailing, leaping with legs pedaling into the water. Okay, and I have to say, that in my head he looks a little like Hugh Jackman (ah, the collective crowd finally understand that beautiful picture of Hugh). I realize that is so not the most religious image, but I can completely see Hugh leaping through the air in pure ecstasy. He seems to be a joyful person which may be why I have his face in my head when I think about this. And, of course, it's keeping me thinking about it which is also a good thing. But, in truth, to be a fisherman in the time of Jesus and the disciples, you had to be in excellent shape, and they tended to work in the buff. Which is also part of the chapter in John with Peter clothing himself BEFORE jumping off the boat. Again, back to Hugh... but, I digress.

I'm wondering about how this applies to me (other than the Hugh Jackman obsession). Do I have anything in my life that I have that much enthusiasm for? Lexy, obviously. I think it qualifies that I would jump off of, fly through, run at, or deal with anything at all, as enthusiasm at being a mother. But what else? What would it be like to live life with so much joy and unabashed love for something. To embrace life with zest, to run at something instead of run from something. To live life with love, joy, ecstasy, peace, purity of being. To carry even a small piece of that in everyday life. To remember in the smallest actions that feeling.

So, here goes. I am going to work on remembering to live life a little more like Peter. With the thrill of knowing that God is in front of me and all I have to do is jump.

I hope you all will take a jump with me today, to God, to a friend, to anything.

Love to you all,



  1. Great post. I believe surmons are supposed to make you think and then try. Try something new, try to be better, try to help those in need...you have to start somewhere, right?

    I have been thinking about going back to church myself these last few months. I have a feeling that when I actually do, the majority of the time it will be by myself. I'll keep you posted.

  2. Kathie, if you go by yourself and I go by myself we can be going "together". If can make my way back, you can too :) Little steps. we can do hard things, right?

  3. GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT post. We also heard that same passage from John in church on Sunday. I remember the joke our pastor made about Peter being the only person who would put his clothes ON before jumping into the water.

    You made me think (sadly, more than my pastor did) about my enthusiasm for life-- what would I jump in for? My daughter... probably my husband... but really... I need to get the passion back!