01 April 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Dear Friends,

I've been reading some other blogs in the last few days and one of the things I've noticed that I think is fun is that a lot of them have weekly segments for their posts. One of the things I've been thinking about lately are all the blessings that I have and how lucky I am. And so "Thursday Thankfulness" is born. Hopefully this will allow for anyone reading along to think of their own blessings and remind of us of all the wonderful things we have instead of thinking of all the things that are wrong or not how we want them. I am attempting to be "Glass Half Full Girl" versus "Glass Half Empty Girl".

So, obvious blessings: I have a wonderful husband (socks on the floor aside) and an amazing daughter (2 year old whining ignored).

Okay, so what are the not so obvious blessings... the things I want to try and think of and remind myself of? I am thankful for my basement. I know that seems a little silly. I should be thankful for health and solid employment, deep and moving things like that. But first, a little back story. When Josh and I were first looking to move from our townhouse, we had a contract on a house that we both liked in the neighborhood we both liked. Fortunately the contract was contingent on the sale of our townhouse which didn't happen. Once that contract fell through we ended up with the same model house, on a cul-de-sac, with a finished attic, larger master bedroom, and a finished basement. All around a better house. We love it.

The finished basement has become our playroom for Lexy. It has saved my bacon on so many of the snowy and rainy days that we've had this past winter and early spring it's hard to imagine what I would have done without it. We have been able to migrate so many toys downstairs and there is so much room for her it's amazing. She has room to run and play, she has room to take her toy stroller for a walk. We have a TV, sleeper sofa, kids table and chair, and there's enough room for her doll house and 2 bookshelves for her books and toys. Gotta love storage. And, there's still enough room for a blow-up ball pit.

The nice thing about that picture is that it doesn't show the other half of the room. Actually, more than half. Of course, right now there is a huge ball pit taking up what seems like a third of the floor space, but Lexy loves it so much that I hate to deflate it. When she sees it she runs into it and flings herself inside and yells "Balls EVERYWHERE". I mean, really, could you deflate it?

For me, anything that makes parenting easier is a blessing and something I should think of and be thankful for. Being able to change locations and have different toys in different areas of the house makes for a much better stay-at-home day, especially when the weather is freezing and there happens to be 30 inches of snow outside like we had this past winter. So, to the previous owners of this house I say "Thank you so much for finishing off the basement. Lexy and I both love it. I appreciate your helping to make it easier for me to raise my daughter."


  1. Hi-

    I found your blog from the Momastery Monkee Business day, but I thought I would pass along what I am thankful for. It's my house and not wanting a bigger one, I like the one I have. I live in a Townhouse and have 3 kids, yet I feel that our house is enough. I have a few friends with only one child and they keep telling me they need (want) a bigger house because their townhouse is not big enough and everytime I hear this I am Thankful that I don't have those feelings and that I'm happy with what I have (as far as my home is concerned, but there are some cute summer shoes I wish I had).


  2. Monkee Kathie -

    Thank you so much for visiting, and thank you even more for commenting! I love being a Monke an wanted to try and do something similar with my friends. I am so happy a Monkee came by to read :) I love the support that the Monkees give each other. I am ready to go summer shoe shopping, just let me know when. Josh and I moved for a few reasons, starting our family... Josh's having a classic car fettish and the necessity of a garage and space to work on one, location to schools and family. The house seems big, but when we have the families over it seems WAY too small. There are MANY MANY times I've thought about the convienence of a smaller house, although our townhouse had the laundry in the basement and the 3 flights of steep stairs were a killer. I think I fell down them (and up them, yes, I fall up stairs) at least 20 times... and there were a few injuries involved. Overall this is the best space for us. Not too big, too small but just right. And may I say, CHAMP for Mom of 3! There are days I stuggle with just one. Come back and read again :)

  3. OHHH, I don't want you to think I was commenting about your house. I hope that didn't come across like that. I wanted it to come across that I am happy with what I have I'm thankful that I don't have a case of the want's.

    BTW- I went to the Ross in Leesburg and managed to find great shoes in fun colors (red, orange, pink, and white), I bought all 4 of them and it only cost me $53 total....

    I will be back to read....


  4. I love written communication and how easy it is to get things confused ;) I was just explaining why our house is good for us, not that I thought you were saying we should downsize! I am totally going to hit the Ross up here.