21 April 2010

Thursday Thankfulness

Dear Friends,

Thursday. Ah, beautiful Thursday. My first day of Stay-At-Home Mommy-ness for the week. The beginning of my 4 beautiful days with my daughter (and my housework). I love Wednesday nights, too, as I get to relax and know that if I don't get the dishes put away it's okay because I don't have to rush through anything the following morning. Today I am thankful that I have Thursdays. This probably should have been the first "Thursday Thankfulness" post, but I wasn't smart enough to think of it then. So, here we are.

Today's Thursday should be extra special. Today I get to go and meet my Jennifer's new baby boy, Todd. I was trying to give her some time to settle in. Time to get her older son used to the schedule and routine of the little one, and just some room to breathe and become accustomed to being a mommy of 2. But, it's been long enough and I am SO ready to make the trip to see her. Lexy is dying to see Adam and I am DYING to hold that little baby. It's been too long since I've gotten to hold a baby. Watch out, Josh, it may make my uterus warm (as my dear friend Monica used to say). I have been looking forward to today for weeks.

Thursdays are always good days for us. Typically Lexy and I will make a morning run to the grocery store and then we spend the rest of the morning playing together. Lexy loves going to the grocery store, looking at all the things and watching all the people. She is a major people watcher. I love going to the grocery store because it's time she's trapped in a grocery cart and I know she can't escape. It's some nice quality time. And while she doesn't stop talking at all, ever, nonstop babbling and questions, I don't have to keep up with her physically or transition from toy to toy or think of a new game to play. It's time with Lexy without too much exhaustion. I remember loving going to the store with my mom when I was little. I used to get to take a coupon and go off and find the item that she needed. I doubt that in today's society I will ever let Lexy do that, but I'm hoping we can figure something else out. But, to have a fridge full of food with so many options for dinner (not that Josh would eat, but to have the option in just a mental plus) is a happy thing and makes me feel comforted.

Thursdays also mean nap time. Ah, the blessed nap time. To have 2 hours (or more... sometimes less, but usually more) to do what I need to do. To not have to rush through chores. To watch TV while I fold the laundry or listen to music while I swiffer the floors. I know it sounds like a little thing, but if I can get the majority of my housework done Thursday during nap time I will have 3 days of nap time when I can do something for myself. I can sit and read. I can catch up on email and facebook. I can watch something off the tivo. I can take a nap. Oh, the glorious adult nap. I am obsessed with the adult nap. I never really understood what a beautiful thing the adult nap was until I had Lexy. And now I cherish them. And all of this can happen because of the amazing Lexy nap time on Thursday so I can do work. I look forward to doing housework. I think I may be officially nuts.

So, here is where I give homage to the single mom. Or the full-time working mom. Or the stay-at-home mom that spends all her time teaching her kids to do much of anything else. I just want to wash your feet. To give you major love. I don't know how anyone can have the time or energy to do what has to be done in a household over 2 days in a weekend or at 10:00 at night. I don't have that stamina. My home would look like something out of Clean House or Hoarders if I had to do this with something other than a part-time job. It just wouldn't get done. It's a struggle with the part-time job and I still fall short of how I think my home should look. Of course, I have this crazy Martha Stewart, Pottery Barn idea in my head so that probably doesn't add to the reality of the situation. And my house is overloaded with toys at this point, too, so that doesn't help. But Thursdays I get to rearrange and clean and organize. I love you mom's that can do this and function on little to no sleep. You are amazing people.

My Thursdays are my blessing today. I will remember to be thankful for my free time and my cleaning time and my time with Lexy. I will try and be thankful in an outward manner, to show by example that I have so many blessings and they start with Thursday. What is your Thankfulness today?

Love to you all,



  1. I am thankful for my new job! I started on Monday and I am glad to have left my old assignment behind and meet new people. Sure, we're in the honeymoon phase, but I had that deep down good feeling come over me yesterday that I had made the right decision!

    Enjoy your day with your Jennifer, Adam, Lexy, and baby Todd!

  2. Yea, Chimmy! How great that the new job is giving you such warm fuzzies. This is excellent :) Sometimes that deep dwon good feeling comes and doesn't leave. Thank you for sharing with me!

  3. I am thankful for the new years resolution I made and kept. It was just to read more books, which sometimes seems impossible to find the time to do, but so far this year I have got through 4 books. I know that may not seem like a lot....but for me it's HUGE! I am actually on the hunt for my next book now.

    Have a nice evening!


  4. Yea, Kathie! I'm an avid reader and I know how hard it is to get time to read a newspaper article, let alone an actual book. And I read fairly quickly. If you want some titles, let me know. I have some serious favorites I could pass along, as well as some light hearted junky reads that are always good in a bubble bath at the end of the day.