31 March 2010

Auntie Carin

Dear Friends,

I feel comfortable letting the world know "I am going to be an AUNTIE!!!" I am thrilled to announce that my brother-in-law Matt and his lovely and beautiful wife Carol are expecting their first child. I am beyond excited. I have never been an auntie before, and as much as I like to claim Jennifer's boys as my own, they aren't technically related until Adam marries Lexy... or Todd marries Lexy (after all, the heir and the spare, right? Now she gets a choice... sorry, Adam), so, now I get to be an AUNTIE. I also feel comfortable letting everyone know that I was pregnant in this picture and the dress that was supposed to have been altered when I bought it totally didn't need to be and my face is totally "pregnant pudgy". But, enough about me and my self-concious weight issues.

I have one Aunt. She lives in Michigan and I don't really know her very well. Due to the distance I can't say that I'm very close with my family there, but I love her and my family and it's more than some can say to say that I have an aunt and an uncle. But, Matt and Carol and little baby matt/carol live in North Carolina and I plan on being as active as I possibly can considering we are approximately 10 hours by car. I'm hoping that we can bridge that gap with letters and emails and calls. I am hoping that this will bring Carol and myself closer together as sisters.

Carol is going to be an amazing mother. She is a kind and gentle soul and so intelligent, not to mention a true Southern Belle. I mean, the girl was in the Peace Corps for goodness sakes. In Africa. She's awesome. Totally needs to write a book. She's had life experiences that most people only dream about. I remember a bridal shower that was thrown in her honor where she asked me "am I doing okay, am I talking enough?". The sweetie didn't want to be the center of attention and was SO nervous and was checking with me, Mrs. Stage Fright, to see how she was "doing". Of course, she was doing outstanding and I told her so. Carol, you rock. I can't wait to see you as a Mommy. No offense to Matt, but Carol is growing a human and from now on she officially wins any arguements and gets full credit for anything she does.

I have no idea how to be an Auntie, so if anyone has any advice please let me know. I know that there are grandmothers and aunts reading this, so I expect more than 1 suggestion. I want to be the kind of Aunt that gets phone calls for advice and that the kids want to run away from home to see. I cannot wait!!!

Oh, and the due date? 3 days before my birthday. Sorry, Carol, but I would love to share my birthday with my little niece/nephew... so aim for the 10th. It's the best day in the world other than Jesus' birthday. And yes, that is a "Carin-ism".

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  1. One word, DRUMS. It is your job as an Aunt to buy your neice or nephew the most annoying toys you can find. Drums is a good way to start.

    It's what me and my sister do with our kids. I'm not sure if it's because we hate each other or because we are just trying to one up the other, but it's fun.

    Oh and play-doh (I know you hate it), but get a lifetime supply for them.