12 March 2010

Bits of Lexy

Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting her to my beautiful daughter, Lexy. The story of her birth is a tad dramatic and a bit traumatic (at least it was for my family and for me), but today I want to give you some insights into the brilliant mind of my 2 year old.

Peanut butter and jelly tastes really good dipped in Campbell's Chunky Sirloin burger soup. Yes, it sounds extremely disgusting to me, too. But, she tried it and apparently liked it because she proceeded to eat more than half of her sandwich in this manner. I am still slightly grossed out by this, but, again, she ate the majority of her sandwich Who am I to judge? Also, french fries taste amazing with honey and apples are scrumptious with ketchup. And ketchup tastes great by itself (Shelley, you should like that one). Oh, and once I came downstairs to find Josh feeding Lexy straight ketchup when it was on the plate for to dip her hot dog into. So, I blame him for her food eccentricities.

Earthworms are distressing. Due to all the snow we've had this year, Lexy and I have been enjoying the last few days of weather in the 60s and being able to be outside. With today's rain I made the decision that we should put on coats and go out in the mist and get some energy out. This decision was a poor one. With the warmer weather and the rain come the earthworms. I picked one up to show Lexy, who had never seen one before, and she had a major meltdown. The next 15 minutes were a combination of checking out sticks to make sure they weren't worms and whining (oh, the whining) "no earthworms, no earthworms". We came inside and watched Elmo.

At least once a day, you should take every book you own off the shelf, out of the bins and dump them on the floor. This will not only give you a chance to inventory everything you own, but make sure that you've read them all them all at least 5 times that day. Lexy's favorite things are books. We have approximately 300 books that are solely for her. I am a sucker for buying her books, because books are the gateway to the world, no? I always say she has enough for this age range, but then I always get her more when she sees one she wants. Like today, we bought 2 while we were at Walgreen's. I mean, does she really need Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates or Thumpers New Friend? Absolutely! And I can put away Hans Brinker for when she's older. You should really try taking out all your books at least once.

Lexy has a stuffed rabbit that sat on the shelf in her room for almost exactly a year. Last week she asked to see it. We took it downstairs to play with and when I asked her what the bunnies name was, she replied "Dr. Seuss". This is the same child who has a giraffe (her favorite softy) named "Giraffe", and a brown dog named "Puppy". Oh, and all books are written by Dr. Seuss.

Lexy has an arranged marriage. Her "boyfriend" is the son of one of my best friends. His name is Adam and he is beautiful. He has pale blond hair, sharp blue eyes, and a great smile. He is a boys boy. He and Lexy have too much fun playing together. His mother, Jennifer, and I have this wonderful idea that when they grow up they'll fall in love and get married. We'll all move into the same culdesac, one on either side of the beautiful couple and live happily ever after. This would all work out wonderfully, with the exception that Lexy is in love with Elmo. I will one day have a furry red monster for a son-in-law. Lexy talks about Elmo from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to bed. We have Elmo pajamas, Elmo toothpaste, Elmo shirts, Elmo books, Elmo stuffed animals, Tickle-Me-Elmo (that one was mine from the year they came out. Yeah, I know, don't say it), and Elmo Elf from Christmas. I'm probably missing some Elmo paraphernalia. Oh, the videos. We have lots of videos. So, Jennifer, I'm sorry. I think Adam has been put on the back burner for the time being.

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lexy. I will fill you in on more on another day. For now, cleaning the bathroom, picking up the husbands socks, picking up some of those books, and trying to sit for a few minutes are all on the list of "Things to do while Lexy naps".

Love to you all,



  1. You will not only find me eating ketchup with anything and everything but you will also find my son eating ketchup and just ketchup and you will also find BOTH my kids eating butter straight out of the container (which grosses me out but I did it when I was a kid too).

    Is it just me or do worms have a smell to them after it rains? I can't stand the smell of it outside today and I blame it on the worms.

    Books are DEFINITELY the gateway to the world. I haven't read a book in the last 3 weeks and I swear it's the longest I've gone in 10 years not reading. I absolutely have to go to library this weekend and get something because playing T's DS games are going to cause me to have a stroke because I can't beat them, lol

  2. Adam is two years and 9 months old. Patience is not his strength right now. But I fully expect that he will wait out this little crush Lexy has on Elmo. It can't last forever, right?

    On another note...who knew you were such a darn good writer? Very thoughtful and engaging posts so far!

  3. It is possible to overdose on ketchup. It happened to me. No hospitalization or treatment programs were necessary, but after years of eating ketchup with pretzels, ketchup with mashed potatoes or fries, ketchup with steak, ketchup with chicken/turkey burgers, and, last but not least, straight up ketchup, I have a slight aversion to it. I now prefer mayonnaise, quasi-European that I am.
    What an impressive library Lexy has! Between the two of you, I think you are ready to open the Schwalb-Hickey Library. :) Also, I have a list of books that I loved as a child that I'm planning on buying for Lexy over the years. Can't wait for new opportunities to mold her impressionable mind. Mwuhahahaha! :)

  4. Funny about the worms. Amelia loved the worms, but was so concerned about stepping on them that she refused to walk down the sidewalk. She stepped on one and saw it writhing around, and bent down to give it a kiss...unsuccessfully, thank goodness:)

  5. I don't really like jelly in my sandwiches but I do know for a fact that a peanut butter sandwich tastes awesome dipped in Campbell's Chunky Sirloin Burger Soup! Lexy has highly developed tastebuds. Next time we hang out, I will introduce the fantastic-ness of Vanilla Bean ice cream and Nacho Cheese Doritos.