26 March 2010


Dear Friends,

Yesterday was Thursday. Thursday's in my household typically mean grocery store, chores, errands of various sorts. Lexy and I got up, had breakfast, walked the dog and headed out to the grocery store. Quick stop to get gas for the SUV (by the way, who raised the price to $3.00 a gallon again? $60.00 in gas? Come on!?!) and we were headed into the grocery store.

We headed back to the refrigerated section to pick up some milk and while I was checking all the cases for the organic half and half a woman came up with a double stroller the size of a limo, 2 car seats back to back and 2 sleeping babies back to back. Lexy saw her coming.

"Mommy, babies. See them".
"You would like to see the babies, Lexy?"
"Yes, Mommy. See the babies."
"Okay, Lexy. See the babies, there are 2. Their mommy is a rock star".
"Have them."
"Have them?"
"Have them."
"You want to have the babies?"
"You want a baby?"


"Talk to your father."


  1. HA! That's funny :)

  2. Thanks for the laugh! I love that! My daughter is infatuated with infants, too.

    You probably made that mom's day by calling her a rock star :)