25 March 2010

The Pickiest of the Picky

Picky eaters of the world, UNITE! I have found your leader and you may come and worship at his feet. Yes, I said "his feet". Ladies and Gentlemen, people of all ages. I would like to introduce you to.... drum roll please,my husband, Josh. No, this is not a post about my wonderful, eats almost everything, daughter Lexy. It's about Josh and the fact that the man drives me CRAZY when it comes to food.

I enjoy cooking. I may not be the most creative (thanks in part to picky eater numero uno), or the most talented, but I do tend to enjoy the process. I would love to try new things and spices and techniques... and then there is Josh. Josh doesn't eat anything. At all. Ever. Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch. He'll eat McDonald's for breakfast (almost everyday). And Pop-tarts. He loves Pop-tarts. And pizza. But only cheese. Pasta is good, but really only with tomato sauce. Bread. White bread, not wheat. Just white. And last night I was told snowflake rolls aren't that great because they have flour on top and isn't that annoying? What else does he actually eat? Golden Grahams. Chicken. Mostly chicken. I should be an expert on cooking chicken in 365 different ways by now, but I'm not.

So, what brings on this explanation of my husbands eating habits? Last night, after I worked for 7 hours, took care of Lexy before and after said work, I made dinner. Steak with mashed potatoes and peas. With snowflake rolls. Pretty yummy, if I do say so myself. Traditional meat and potatoes. How did Josh react? Well, it wasn't chicken so strike number one. Strike 2? Snowflake rolls have flour on top. White bread though they may be. Strike 3? "Why are we having another slab of meat with potatoes and a vegetable for dinner?". Yes, apparently I make slabs of meat with vegetables for the family to eat. And, it's apparently quite often. Now, you have to understand. Josh doesn't eat vegetables, save 2. Broccoli and iceberg lettuce. So, I knew the peas were a stretch, but Lexy had broccoli with her mac and cheese for lunch that day, so I thought "peas" with dinner. Slab of meat. Slab of meat. I'm not sure what he expected, but I was always taught that protein was an important concept for a meal. And, God forbid I feed his daughter vegetables! I'm not sure if people get scurvy anymore, but I don't know how he's avoided it to this point. One day I would love to make asparagus.

I've told Josh before, "you know you're lucky to have a wife that cooks for you". His response, "I could do pizza every night". Gee, thanks honey. It's not like I get to make things that include green peppers or mushrooms (such exotic ingredients). Things that have any type of spice. And how does this work with a 2 year old in the house? I am incredibly lucky. Lexy loves Chinese food, Mexican food, veggies, fruits... she tries most everything and tends to eat most everything. She isn't too into chicken or steak, but I think it's more a texture thing than anything else. I've asked Josh to eat at least 2 or 3 bites of everything I make just so she sees that he eats all his food, too, and for the time being this seems to be working (and getting more vitamins into Josh, too).

So, anyone out there with new recipes for BASIC chicken with something other than potatoes, rice, or veggies, then please please please email me. Oh, and make sure the sauces are very light in flavor and there is practically NO seasoning included. And the veggies aren't green, in fact make them almost nonexistent, and the bread should be just white. No flour. And make sure the recipe doesn't include that the chicken be presented in "slab" form. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Love to you all,



  1. Those cartoons are too funny! G is just getting into that "picky" eating stage... you've given me a glimpse into the future (say it ain't so!).

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. Keith is the same - NO sauce/condiments! He has his salads w/o dressing. He lives on Mountain Dew, Steak, Green Beans (requested every night and then pushed around the plate and fed to the dog), WHITE bread, & candy bar of the month.
    I hope that my child enjoys food because I like to cook and have a lot of recipes I would like to make. Wendy