18 March 2010

Little Obsessions

Dear Friends,

I made a comment recently that I was concerned I might be making Lexy OCD. Don't get me wrong, she's a typical 2 year old. She would prefer to pull all her toys out at once and dump them on the floor than put any of them away... but she does have a few things that she finds annoying. She doesn't like it when Josh leaves his shoes in the living room. That is a constant source of "Mommy, put it away".

She absolutely loves to help me put the dishes away. She "helps" by taking everything out of the dishwasher and placing it on the floor. She will hand me things one by one if I ask for them, but typically she finds a sippy cup, then the top, puts them together and wanders off to chew on the straw. This leaves me to bend over 50 times to pick things up. And then wonder exactly how sanitary that is, because no matter how many times I've mopped the floor in the last month, there is always dirt (Thanks, Josh), dog food, crumbs, or other unidentifiable things on the hard wood. I will attempt to remind myself that the bending is extra exercise and is good for my waistline and the dirt is fiber.

Lexy is also obsessed with the "If you give a mouse a..." books at the moment. Kohl's came out with 4 of them this Christmas and we have all of those plus 2 others that I ordered off of eBay. We can read these books 50 times a day. Each. This is not an exaggeration. She will get one, give it to me to read, then get another. We'll read all 6 that we have, then start over. I believe I have them all memorized, along with every Dr. Seuss book ever written. And do you have any idea how prolific Dr. Seuss was? There are not enough hours in the day, but if you're interested, give me a call and I'll be happy to recite "Hop on Pop" or "The Eye Book" for you. Just in case you've forgotten how great they are.

Josh is getting ready to start up with his obsession. Baseball. I believe that I heard him mention "fantasy league" again this year. This means: Orioles games on constantly for what seems like every night for the next 150 nights. Don't get me wrong, I love baseball. For those of you who know me, I love all sports. But I am not the kind of woman that can watch baseball on TV more than once a week. It just goes too slow. And to add the fantasy to it. Ugh. It means MORE computer time for Josh, which, if you know my husband was already outrageously high. And more baseball games on the TV, just so he can watch his "players". Is it too much if I make a little prayer "Dear Lord, I know that the players having a strike in the 90's was bad for the MLB players and workers, but if it's not too much to ask, could they all have the flu (at the same time) maybe once or twice a month... just for a little downtime? Thank you, God. Love, Carin, aka soon to be a fantasy baseball widow".

My obsession? I don't think I have time for one. Although, come to think of it, in the last week this blog has become an obsession. And facebook. I am seriously getting hopeless with facebook. I'll check my page every 30 minutes to see if anyone has written or updated their status, added pictures, anything. But, I suppose, as long as it doesn't interfere with work or with Lexy that that's an okay obsession. Although, it is starting to make me feel seriously needy. And since it hasn't stopped me from having to pick up the shoes from the floor or all the Dr. Seuss books I guess I'll stick with it. Everyone should have an obsession, right? Oh, goodness, and did I mention that I get my emails on my phone. So I can check on everything the second it comes in? Okay. Officially obsession. And I don't even get that many emails!!!

So, thank you to Dr. Seuss, Laura Numeroff (If You Give A Mouse A...),MLB, and facebook for making my household somewhere that I am considering putting up padded walls in each room, just so I can survive the day.

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  1. Let's see if Lexy develops a Shel Silverstein obsession a few years down the line! Hehehe.

    Re: MLB and Josh's obsession -- this would be one of those times where you wished men got periods. Yeah, I know you're thinking, "Shelley, you freakazoid," but just think about it: if they did, then all the players on each team would eventually get their cycles all synched up, and then maybe whole teams would be sitting out with cramps. But alas, biology is what it is. Oh, the humanity! :D