14 March 2010

Coffee coffee coffee

Dear Friends,

I have 3 followers! Woo Hoo! That is 3 more than I thought I would have. Thank you to each of you, and to anyone else who has happened to pop in just to see. I hope I haven't bored you yet. I am having a lot more fun writing than I thought I would and I have a lot of things bouncing around inside my little head. Scary, I know.

Right now life seems hectic and I'm wondering how other women handle their tasks? Anyone wanna chime in? I just realized I'm sitting here by myself. Josh is outside attempting to shore up our eroding front porch. Lexy is napping (naps, glorious naps). Even the dog is upstairs sleeping. I am actually 100% alone. This does not happen very often. I have a roast in the crock pot (I even remembered to plug it in AND turn it on this time). I washed and folded 2 loads of laundry (and even put it away), took care of one of those 25 stacks of paper that lounge around my house on a daily basis, and mopped some of the mud off the floor.

Now? Now I am taking a little "me time" to just sit down, breathe, and focus myself. With Daylight Savings Time in affect, today has been an interesting one from the mommy stand-point. I hate wondering how things like this will effect Lexy's schedule. I woke Lexy up at her regular time. Which, to her, was an hour early. Poor baby. I really think that this is the best way to go. It will keep her relatively on schedule, with just that one hour loss of sleep and we all know that little ones will recover faster than the rest of us, right? I figured nap time might come late but we would mke adjustments. I have a friend that refers to herself as the "Nap Nazi". I think I follow along with that, as much as I can. The kid just does better with a schedule.

When I was bringing Lexy downstairs this morning I told her I would need "copious amounts of coffee" to make it through the day. I don't do well on an hour less of sleep. Copious is a good word for a 2 year old. She already knows delicious and ridiculous, and orca... and probably a few others. Her lovely 2 year old response? "Poopious coffee". Poop. In my coffee. How appetizing. "Poopious, poopious poopious". I heard that new word about 50 times this morning.

Do I really have to mention that I drank all 8 cups that I had made? Yes, all 8 cups. And it tasted AMAZING.


  1. I'm flat out skipping the nap today. I'll probably be dealing with the consequences of that at 5pm Mass tonight. :)

  2. LOL -- "poopious" - Lexy is far more creative with her bathroom talk than my younger brother ever was when he was going through that phase.

    8 CUPS OF COFFEE??!? Eight?? Do you have a hole in your stomach yet?
    Carry on....

  3. Oh damn, you have another Jennifer follower...or did I write that? lol

  4. With only 5 followers I think we can keep 2 Jennifer's straight ;)