14 March 2010

Daylight Savings Time

Okay, so who came up with this brilliant idea anyways? I know, I know. Benjamin Franklin. Someone should have shot Benjamin Franklin. I know, I know. He created beer as we know it... or something like that. And there was that whole kite with a key thing. And that whole Declaration of Independence and Revolution thing and American Independence thing. But really, Daylight Savings Time? Please. Someone should have shot Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin obviously did not have a toddler on a sleep schedule. I realize 2 becomes 3 and 3 becomes 4. But, when Lexy gets up at 7, do I really let her sleep until what is actually 8 and then not get her nap schedule on track. Put her down for a nap at 3 because to her that's really 2? Okay, that whole number thing is making my head hurt. Grrrrr... I stand by my initial statement. Benjamin Franklin. Good thing he's already dead.


  1. I never realized what a big gut Benjamin Franklin had until I stared at this portrait for a minute. Sampling his own beer amply, no doubt.
    You should forgive Ben this one hare-brained idea. He did so many awesome things, including telling fart jokes. But I sympathize with the whole sleep-schedule-getting-thrown-off-track. I'm over 30 and it throws me off.

  2. I was totally LOVING the daylight savings time this weekend because the kids slept in and Mason actually took a nap until 5pm both Sat & Sun, BUT it totally sucked this morning because Taylor didn't want to get up, I guess her body still thought it was 6am.

    But I'll still take them sleeping until 8 on the weekends. :-)

  3. You should move to Arizona or Hawaii, they stay on standard time all year long.