22 March 2010

Life Lessons According to Lexy

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was spent on the recovery from a lovely combo of bronchitis, sinus infection and allergy symptoms. Oh, so much fun. It was a beautiful 60-70 degrees with pale blue skies and puffy white cloud, so of course we spent the majority of it outside. In the pollen. Walking. A lot. I think I may have set the antibiotics back a week or so, but it was worth it. Lexy had a blast. And I learned a few things from her over the weekend. Enjoy.

1. No matter what basketball game is on, it's always Mason. "Go, Mason". This rule also applies to any hockey or football game. It may also apply to baseball, but Lexy doesn't remember watching any Orioles games, so we'll have to wait and see for this one.

2. Going for walks with your Cabbage Patch Kids in the stroller is fun, especially when you get to the top of a hill. At this point, feel free to turn around and push the stroller as hard as you can back DOWN the hill. Proceed with laughing hysterically as the stroller careens downhill. It's also fun to run after it so that when it stops you can push it downhill again.

3. Mommy's (and probably Daddy's) are very good for walking/jumping/stomping/laying on. I blame Dr. Seuss for this. Thank you "Hop on Pop", which Lexy has memorized.

4. Mommy's bottle of water is always better than your own. Even if mommy is sick and has been coughing up a lung in your presence for the last 5 days and keeps saying "No, Lexy. Don't touch that. DON'T TOUCH THAT. Do NOT put that in your mouth, STOP IT!!!"

5. No one should ever sleep later than 7. (this has been pushed back from 6 in the last few months, and for this I am grateful). 7 is a good time to get up EVERYDAY, although it is acceptable to remain in bed until 7:30. But 7:30 is the absolute latest.

6. Pandas eat bamboo and tigers eat people. Thank you, Aunt Brittney. Also, Mommy says "No" and Daddy says "Hee Haw" (insert picture of donkey here). Again, thank you Aunt Brittney.

7. Hershey kisses commercials, Empire Today commercials, and the GEICO commercial with Charlie Daniels (AKA. Santa Claus) are all worth watching. Especially the one with Santa in it.

8. If you put on sunscreen it means you're going to the beach. It doesn't matter that you had sunscreen put on everyday during the summer and only spent one week at the beach, sunscreen still means you're going to the beach. I wish.

9. Sidewalk chalk is a lot of fun. Especially when it's smeared all over your hand, shirt, and pants. And it's also good to use on grass, just in case you didn't know.

10. When taking the dog for a walk it's fun to look for "crocus, croci, and jonquil" flowers. because every two year old knows that the plural of crocus is croci.


  1. Looks like Lexy is schooling you and then some! I look forward to re-enrolling when I return Stateside. :)
    I commented on some of your other posts below. Getting caught up on borrowed time. Grad school is kicking my (as the Brits term it) "arse."

  2. I really like your #1-- we've taught our daughter to say "yay!" when we say Duke, and to cry when we say Carolina. She's a smart cookie :)

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  3. Love the Santa comment! That made me laugh out loud...